Yoga Teacher Training to Live Better and Healthier

For those who appreciate the wonderful benefits of yoga, getting a teacher training certificate for yogis will help in many ways. For one, it helps you financially. You will become qualified to teach yoga with the certificate. Your body and mind get better peace and control over everything you do in your Teacher Training takes place in these cities - Rishikesh and Kerala. The perquisite for undergoing teacher training course is that the person should undergo three months of yoga practice. He or she must also have undergone sports and fitness training for a considerable amount of time. Only students who want to learn new things and are open to new learning experiences must undergo teacher training.

What will you learn?

You begin with the asanas and learn about the core principles of Hatha Yoga. They teach you how to structure and sequence the poses. There are many poses such as the Inverted Pose, Twisting Pose, Forward Bending Pose, Sitting Pose, Meditative Pose, and the Moon Salutation Series. After this, you have the Relaxation Techniques.

There are different mantras associated with the practice of yoga. You will learn all about how to use them to train your mind.

This is the science of breathing. Yogic science has five sub pranas. They tell you the importance of diaphragmatic breathing and you understand the psychological effect of yogic breathing.

Human Anatomy

It is important for the yogi to learn about the respiratory system, muscular system, and the flow of lunar and solar energy. They tell you how to practice yoga safety while doing the asanas and during pranayama practices.

Mudras and bandhas have a connection to yogic gestures that help you deal with stress-related problems. They teach you the various mudras - the eye mudra, the finger mudra, and the internal mudra. You learn about the healing gestures for physical blockages. You learn to use the bandha to stop energy leakage.

Yoga Philosophy
In this, you learn about the principles of yoga, what Hatha yoga and Raja yoga are. They teach you the five
sheaths of existence - Pancha Koshas. You also learn the Pancha Kleshas or the Five Pains. The yogis will tell you about the four foundational pillars of life and about kundalini and chakra. You learn the importance and application of the three states of consciousness according to the yogic science.

Yoga History
It is important to know about the origin of yoga. They teach you how yoga began and the hardships the early yogis faced.

You may apply for teacher training in OR teacher training in by paying an advance fee of 200 USD with the application form. You might get last minute discounts if you apply at least 10 days in advance to the commencement of the course.

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