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The World Through Rose-Tinted Contacts: A Journey into the Realm of Coloured Lenses

Ah, the human eye. A marvel of evolution, capable of distinguishing millions of colours, detecting movement from a mile away, and giving your mother that piercing look when you've forgotten to take out the trash.
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Eyelid Surgery - a Look at the Recovery Process

Blepharoplasty is a highly beneficial surgery and since the eyes are such a prominent feature of the face, the procedure can significantly improve your appearance and boost your self-confidence. As with any type of surgery, blepharoplasty requires a recovery period and it's important to understand what your recovery will entail in order to fully prepare for the procedure and feel less stress about what's to come. The Day after BlepharoplastyEyelid surgery is a day surgery and won't require a hospital stay unless you would prefer to spend some time under the care of doctors.
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A Look at Healthy Catering

Offices across London are clamouring to show off their healthy credentials. From gym facilities and health screens to eco friendly conferences and schemes, corporate offices in London that have not yet taken a more holistic approach to their staff's welfare are starting to look old fashioned indeed. Crucial to this new emphasis on health in the workplace - and obviously beyond it - is good quality, sustainable supplies such as catering companies.
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