Why is Hungary a Better Place for Dental Treatments than the UK?

Dental is gaining an increasing popularity in the UK, wherein most of the Brits are opting for Hungary.

Here are four reasons why Hungary is a better place for dental treatments than the UK

1. Economical

You can save 40 to 60% on your dental treatments in Hungary than that in the UK.This is true for cosmetic dental works such as correcting your teeth alignment, shade, and shape of your teeth. NHS/ National Health Services in the UK doesn't provide an insurance cover for the cosmetic dental services.

Other dental prostheses such as implants also cost much higher in the UK (2000 pounds) than that at Hungary (470 pounds)

(Implants are artificial tooth roots that resemble your natural teeth. They need a surgery, post which your dentist places crowns to match them to your existing teeth. Implants are also useful for having a fixed complete denture)

2. High-quality service

Dentists/dental surgeons at Hungary go through extensive training and are well regulated by the Hungarian government. They are also highly qualified and updated on the latest treatment options due to strict government regulations. All the Hungarian dentists must conform to the EU standards. In addition, they have to register with the ministry of health which grants them a license only if they show a certain standard of operation. To keep up the license, the dentist must attend seminars and lectures to stay educated on the current standards.

Hungary has some of the best dental colleges which require a dentist to practice as an employer at least for three years before enrolling for a master's degree. The standard of treatment at Hungary dental clinics are better than most of the UK clinics.

Upgraded treatment

Hungarian clinics have state of the art dental equipments to give you high-quality, quicker, and pain-free dental treatments.

3. Quicker service

In the UK, you may have to wait for months for your dental appointment, while in Hungary it's a matter of days. For most of the dental procedures, you don't need to stay over-night at Hungary. As Hungary is just 2.5 hours from the UK by flight, you can return the same day to the UK after your treatments. Only certain treatments like implants may need you to stay for few days as they need few more appointments. The cost of the flight, as well as the accommodation, are very much affordable.

Here is a comparison of dental treatment cost in the UK versus Hungary:

  • Consultation: UK - 50GBP-170GBP, Hungary - usually free
  • Single implant: UK - 2000GBP, Hungary - 700GBP
  • Full mouth implant: UK - 15000+GBP, Hungary 5000+GBP
  • Porcelain veneer: UK - 600GBP, Hungary 240GBP

The above are the prices without insurance. You can save considerably on your dental treatment cost even if you have to stay in Hungary. In the remote areas, you may be finding treatment at a lesser cost than that mentioned in the table above. The cost of treatment depends on several factors such as the qualification, experience level of the dentist, location of clinic and amenities. However, the more the treatment you get, the more you save.

Dental implants

Getting class="InternetLink">dental implants in Hungary is one of the most common for which you may want to consider dental tourism. The first task is to decide on the clinic wherein you want to have your treatment. Be sure to analyze all the parameters such as the quality of service before you start the treatment. The first visit to the clinic is generally about learning more about the procedure, calculating the total cost, and consultation if needed. Usually, your dentist in Hungary may also refer you to a dentist in the UK as dental implants need a thorough follow up to ensure a long-term success. Sometimes a dental clinic in the UK may have a branch in Hungary where it may refer you for the treatment at a lower cost. In this case, follow up becomes easier when you return to the UK. Otherwise, you will have to find a local dentist.

A word of caution

Before choosing a dental clinic in Hungary, there are a class="InternetLink">number of risks you should The most important one is to be sure you know what happens if something goes wrong. It can be cumbersome to exercise any kind of guarantee with a foreign company. However there are some clinics in Hungary that are so specialised in treating British dental tourists that they have their own branches in the UK. You might want to choose from those clinics as you'll not only be in connection with a UK company, but your class="InternetLink">consultation and after-care treatment will be done in the class="MsoNormal" style="margin-bottom:0cm;margin-bottom:.0001pt;line-height:normal">

When you shouldn't go abroad

There are a number of treatments when going abroad might be too risky or not economical:

  • Smaller treatments: e.g. fillings, onlays, inlays, teeth whitening - if you want to travel for fun and leisure, it might make sense to get such treatments abroad, otherwise the travel and hotel costs make these treatments uneconomical.
  • Same day dental because these implants usually have a higher failure rate than traditional implants, you might want to consider finding a dentist near you if you need such treatment.

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