Why Should You Go Private for Endometriosis Treatment?

Affecting more than 1.5 million women in the UK alone, endometriosis is an extremely serious condition. Not only can it be extremely painful, if left untreated for long periods of time, it can cause serious, long-term conditions. Unfortunately, this condition affects a huge number of women without being diagnosed. This is because the condition itself is difficult to diagnose and many doctors are reluctant to do so. It's no wonder that people across the north-west are choosing to receive treatment from a

While the NHS has incredible, dedicated gynaecologists, they typically aren't as specialised as private gynaecologists. A private clinic for gynaecology treatment can deliver cutting-edge treatment for female healthcare.These private clinics are often able to provide more comprehensive management plan for your endometriosis. This can not only help to prevent long-term complications related to the illness but can also manage short-term pains.

What Is Endometriosis?

Endometriosis is a condition which is not only extremely painful but can cause long-term complications. This condition causes tissue, such as that which lines to uterus, to appear elsewhere on the body. Although this symptom mostly occurs within the ovaries and fallopian tubes, it can also affect the bladder and bowel.

Just like the cells and tissue found in the uterus, this lining will thicken before breaking down, resulting in monthly bleeding. Those women unfortunate enough to suffer from endometriosis will often experience pain in the pelvic region. This pain can be absolutely unbearable and can prevent women from being able to get out of bed due to the agony.

Why Is Endometriosis So Difficult for the NHS to Diagnose and Treat?

In the UK, it takes "on average" seven to eight years for a sufferer to be diagnosed with endometriosis. During this time, the pain canbe unbearable. In many cases, undiagnosed and untreated endometriosis has caused sufferers to be unable to hold down a career. Many women are often told that they are making a fuss over simple period pain, meaning that tests and treatment can be a long-time coming.

NHS doctors rarely consider endometriosis, simply because it is such a serious illness. This is despite its increasing commonness in UK women and women across the Western World. The condition itself can be difficult to diagnose as the symptoms can be extremely variable and are often non-specific to one condition.

Once it has been diagnosed, there are treatments, management plans and surgical options available for treatment. However, the NHS has few specialists in endometriosis. As such, relying on private gynaecologists is becoming more and more essential for all women across the country.

A delay in the condition's diagnosis can cause serious problems. Not only can this lead to further complications, it can make the treatment of the condition more difficult. It's no surprise that endometriosis sufferers have reduced trust in the NHS for their treatment.

Why Should You Choose a Private Gynaecologist for Endometriosis Treatment?

While the NHS will have gynaecology specialists, they will rarely have a specialist in endometriosis. If you can find a reliable private gynaecologist, they will often be able to deliver specialist treatments. As a private gynaecologist will be specialised in certain areas, they can often deliver treatments which are either unfeasible or risky in the hands of an NHS gynaecologist.

A private gynaecologist will be able to provide conservative, medical and surgical treatments for all kinds of conditions. This can include endometriosis and other serious gynaecology conditions. In many cases, the specialists will often be able to begin your treatment much faster than the NHS, which often struggles with limited staff and long waiting lists.

A private gynaecologist will often be able to deliver diagnosis much quicker than the NHS. As these specialists know exactly what to look for, they could save you years of pain and worry. An early diagnoses and treatment can also prevent a range of serious health concerns and conditions from developing.

A Comprehensive Treatment for Your Endometriosis Condition

Any private gynaecologist's clinic should be able to deliver a complete range of treatments, surgical options and management plans for your endometriosis. Not every treatment choice will appeal to every patient. Your private medical practitioner will offer your advice and help you to get the best results from the treatment plan you choose.

Some of the services that your gynaecologists should be able to provide include:

  • Outpatient Consultation, including Specialist Examination and Ultrasound Scans.
  • Counselling and Pelvic Pain Support.
  • Diagnostic Laparoscopy to Diagnose and Stage the Condition.
  • Medical Treatment for Endometriosis.
  • Surgical Treatment for Endometriosis, Via Keyhole Surgery.
  • Total Peritoneal Excision.
  • Alternative Medical Support Solutions.

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