What Are the Top Aesthetic Benefits to An Arm Lift?

A brachioplasty, or arm lift, is a cosmetic procedure that is done in order to create smoother toned arms, with better contours. Those who have lost a large amount of weight, or who naturally struggle with excess skin around the lower arms, can find this surgical procedure to be incredibly beneficial.

There are several aesthetic benefits to be seen if you are considering this surgery.

The removal of excess skin and fat

When you undergo a brachioplasty, the excess skin and fat that are hanging beneath your lower arms are surgically removed. This can result in a dramatic change to the way that your arm looks, between the elbow and your armpit area. Removal of excess skin that has been causing rashes and infected spots can definitely prove to be beneficial.

You can achieve a much more toned look

Even with hours in the gym working out on your arms, excess skin cannot be toned without surgical intervention. An arm lift will change the overall shape of your arms, to give them a much more toned look. Before the arm lift procedure, your upper arms may look dropped and flabby. It doesn't matter how much you work out, the excess skin and fat simply won't allow you to get the results that you're looking for.

You can finally achieve better workout results
One of the things you'll learn when you visit a clinic is that you'll finally be able to see those results you work so hard for when you're hitting the gym. It'll be a few weeks before you are able to return to lifting those weights as you'll need to heal completely. Once you do start working out you'll see the results of your hard work much easier, and you'll also find that lifting weights is much easier without the excess skin weighing you down.

You'll get your confidence back
An arm lift can restore your self-confidence. Prior to your surgery you may have felt uncomfortable and self-conscious about the way that your bared arms looked. After an arm lift you'll feel comfortable in your own skin and will definitely not have an issue showing off your tone and smooth arms.

You'll feel better proportioned

After undergoing an arm lift, your arms will now look and feel more proportionate to the rest of your body. Removing that excess skin and fat can give a body that's lost weight all over a much more balanced look.

Patients are often concerned about extensive scarring. With the skills of a good surgeon, however, scarring can be minimal and can be hidden in the inner arm or at the armpit. Once the scars have healed completely there are some creams that can be used to further minimise the appearance of the scars.

After your surgery you should be sure that you follow your doctor's instructions. This will help you to heal much faster, and will help to stave off infections and the potential for additional complications.

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