The Ultimate Skincare Gift Guide

Taking care of our largest organ (that's skin!) is something that is often pushed to the backburner. Busy lifestyles don't leave a lot of time for skincare, and tight budgets often don't allow for the best potions to keep us looking fresh and youthful. That's why skincare products make a fantastic gift. Giving someone a face cream, an exfoliating scrub, a mask, or a serum is more than just handing them something nice - it's encouraging them to spend some time and energy on themselves, and offering an opportunity to do so.

Knowing which products to give as gifts is where it gets tricky. Here's our quick skincare gift guide to help you figure out which items are best for which people!

Skincare products make great gifts for women
We don't mean to stereotype all of the ladies out there, but on the whole, it's women who are most likely to appreciate a skincare-related present for any occasion - or they are most likely to admit to it! Of course, everyone has different tastes and while any beautiful and nicely scented gift for is probably going to be well received, there are particular ones which are well suited to particular people. The pointers below are a rough guide as to which direction to take with your skincare gifting decisions:
  • Eminently practical: If you want something for a woman who is more about utility than beauty, there are options for you. Everyone washes their hands, and many need to moisturise them occasionally too - so while hand soaps and creams may seem like a boring gift, they are likely to be put to good use and appreciated by a low-maintenance lady. A nicely-scented hand soap or hand cream in a pretty or fun bottle takes the present from lame to lovely.
  • A sucker for smells: Plenty of women love to smell great, and you can combine many of the enticing qualities of perfume with the benefits of a skincare product for the perfect scented gift. Body butters are especially good for this: luxurious creams that make your skin baby soft, with an array of wonderful scents.
  • The heavy duty stuff: For a woman who's really into high-end skincare and enjoys taking care of her skin when she can, you will probably want to move beyond soap and basic moisturisers to the real big hitters: facial serums, eye creams, night creams, day creams and all kinds of specialist beauty products. To give a woman anything that bills itself as "anti-ageing" may seem like a risky move, but any skincare lover knows that it's a preventative measure, not a comment on the current state of their face. Maybe add a disclaimer along those lines, just in case.
Men can care for their skin, too
We'll say it again - we aren't into strict stereotypes here, and it's not just women who take care of themselves and their skin. Skincare products make great gifts for men too, and it's often a better and more well-received choice than yet another pair of socks or underwear.

Skincare gift sets make presents for and there are some very good options out there, like the Hunter Lab products in sleek black packaging. Men are unlikely to be as forthcoming with their skincare preferences and routines as women, so a gift set like that which covers all the bases is ideal. Something simple like an aftershave balm is also a top option, or a face wash - they all need to wash their face, and why not do it with a nice product rather than a bar of soap?

We hope that has made your skincare gift-buying decisions a little easier. Treat your loved ones or friends to something a little luxurious - they'll love it!

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