Reasons Why Women Struggle to Lose Weight

According to medical research, 35% of women living in the United States are overweight compared to men which accounted for 32%. As a woman in this category, you probably desire to weight loss and live a healthy rather than the extra pounds you have been carrying. The Center for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) reveals that the U.S. Surgeon General set a goal in 2010. This goal is tagged Healthy People Objective 2010. However, despite this goal, obesity rates have been on the increase rather than witnessing a decline.

Women and Weight Loss Struggle
Healthy People 2010 set out a goal to fight obesity amongst American adults and try to get this cohort to lose up to 15% in weight. As at the time of writing this article, this goal has not been achieved.

Obesity is beyond your physical looks. This health complication causes premature aging and death through the increase of life threatening diseases. Examples of these diseases are type 2 diabetes, high blood pressure, heart disease, stroke and cancer.

If you are overweight, it's high time you start to take weight loss seriously. It is essential you consider your health today and give it the protection it deserves into your later years of life. Remember that what seems invisible to you now may become a reality when it's too late to make amendment.

Many women have attempted to lose weight several times and their effort is not yielding a positive result. You might have been discouraged about this and even contemplating giving up. Remember that you are not alone in these feelings and frustrations. However, this write up will highlight some essential components involved in women's weight loss which you might be ignorant about.

You will now discover the main reasons women struggle to lose weight. Upon discovering why you have not been losing weight, you can utilize the recommendation given in this write up and start experiencing vibrant health and vitality.

Below are some reasons why women struggle to lose weight.

1. Consuming the Wrong Foods
A look at the grocery stores today reveal displayed foods which advertisers normally convince us and make us believe that will aid weight loss. Be vigilant. These foods are very low in essential nutrients. Besides, they have the tendency of making you end up craving for more to consume because despite consuming them, your body is still starved of the vital nutrients it requires. Hence, you end up consuming these calories in excess and you are deprived of the necessary nutrients they should provide.

Examine your pantry and cabinets. Are there foods being loaded in boxes and bags? If yes, these foods are invaluable, artificial and fake. Take a look at the food labels and check whether they contain natural ingredients free of preservatives, dyes and additives. You will be frustrating your weight loss efforts if you consume more processed foods weekly than fresh foods.

The solution
First and foremost, stop the consumption of these invaluable, artificial and fake foods right away. Alternatively, you may seriously cut down on them. Go for real and natural foods like fruits and vegetables which are organically and locally grown. The choice of your meats and dairy is also important. Consider those that are reared on free range rather than those that contain hormones or toxins.

2. Wrong Exercise

Do you reserve quality time for exercise on a regular basis and still seem not to achieve your desired weight loss? Are you a highly dedicated die-hard exerciser who has invested time and great effort and cannot still shed that extra pound? According to recent research, interval training burns greater calories than when a steady pace is kept throughout a workout.

This is not difficult to determine. If you are dedicated to regular exercise and you are not seeing your desired weight loss result, consider interval training in replacement of classic cardio you are now into.

The solution
Consider bursts of high intensity in place of running or just walking. For instance, you can embark on full force sprint which may last up to one hour, slow down or trek few minutes and run again for few seconds.

Repeat this exercise for several minutes. Your body will surely burn fat up to one and a half day and restore back your used energy. It will continue to burn your fat even while you sleep. here for more Problems associated with Thyroid
Hormones are delicate chemicals which control the body and maintain its proper functioning. An important hormone which is associated with weight and metabolism are the thyroid hormones, T3 and T4.

The normal functioning of these hormones can be tampered with by many issues. Poor diet, too little iodine, amalgam fillings causing toxicity and poor health conditions all affect the proper functioning of thyroxine impacting your metabolism.

Excessive T4 results in Hyperthyroidism, causing the following symptoms:
  • Nervousness
  • Increased perspiration
  • Unexplained weight loss
  • Weakness of the muscles
  • Thin and brittle hair
  • Racing heart
  • Insomnia
  • Multiple bowel movements
More so, deficiency of T4 causes Hypothyroidism. Below are the symptoms associated with it:
  • Tiredness / weakness
  • Dry hair and skin
  • Unexplainable weight gain
  • Constipation
  • Discomfort and muscle weakness
There are medical tests such as blood test, radioactive iodine uptake test and the thyroid scan to ascertain if an individual has a thyroid condition or not. Consult your physician today in case you discover one or more of these symptoms.

The solution
Check out for nutritional deficiencies like iodine or toxicity from amalgam fillings in your teeth. Also you may take kelp supplements. Alternatively, you can consult a natural dentist to remove them.

4. Problems associated with Cortisol
Cortisol, popularly known as the stress hormone is a popular hormone which can affect your metabolism and weight. It can also block a person's attempts to lose weight. It increases a person's food appetite, cravings for carbs, and keeps fat in your mid section.

Although, tests can be conducted to determine the level of cortisol in the blood, the innate stress level can only be determined by you. Check whether you are living a stressed life.

The solution
Minimizing or decreasing your stress level is a proven way to lower your cortisol levels. Regular exercise, breathing techniques and taking up a hubby are initial methods of preventing this situation.

5. Negative side effects of birth control pills
Experts have warned that the intake of birth pills can result in suffering from fluid retention. Besides, it accelerates the rapid growth of the adipose (fat cells) due to the effect of estrogen in the birth control pill.

If you start to experience weight gain since the inception of the intake of these pills, the birth control pill may likely be the reason for this.

The solution
Consider natural birth control techniques. The birth control pill causes weight gain. Besides, other complications like headaches, anxiety, nausea, trouble getting pregnant after discontinuation, etc, are associated with them. Health risks like stroke and cancer are also increased by these pills. Should you consider taking these pills for other reasons other than birth control, embark on proper nutrition and regular exercise so as to balance your hormones.

As a woman, endeavor to consider these popular roadblocks if you aspire to achieve weight loss. Since you now know where the problems lie, act!

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