It is Immoral to Argue Against the Legalisation of Medical Marijuana

For years, some people have argued against legalising marijuana even only for medical use. They keep coming up with excuses because all the arguments were untrue. Some of those arguments were baseless and proven to be a lie.

For instance, saying that marijuana use could lead to chaos and tons of crime in society. Since the legalisation of pot in some states or countries, those fears have not come to fruition.

They also argued that people would get unhealthy if they become addicted to pot. Yes, marijuana has psychoactive properties that are addictive. However, for people with medical conditions, they don't even need to smoke the whole thing. They can buy products like CBD vape oil to feel relief from their medical condition.

The most popular argument is that there is no way to police marijuana use. If this argument holds, it can mean the same for alcohol use. Despite that, alcohol is legal. Given this logic, all alcoholic beverages or products with a similar impact need to be banned.

Only people with medical conditions suffer
The worst part about arguing against legalising medical marijuana is that those who have medical conditions end up suffering. People who are trying to block the legislation have fears that they could get affected. However, their worries are unreal, and they are selfishly looking at possibilities. For people with medical conditions, they are only thinking of what could happen because they are already suffering. They need marijuana-based products for relief.

Asking them to travel to other places to get treatment is immoral. Staying healthy and in great medical shape needs to be a right. The government has no reason for blocking people from seeking the best medical treatment. Consequently, they also should not punish doctors who prescribe marijuana products if they believe in the health benefits the plant provides.

People who are wealthy and have tons of money to avail of different procedures to recover from their illness might not care, but those who are poor end up relying on cheap methods for staying healthy. Medical marijuana is cheap, and it can even be less expensive if legalised.

Don't complain if you will not be affected
The government needs to be responsible for keeping people safe. However, the government also has no right to meddle in people's lives, especially if their decisions do not affect anyone else. If people are of the right age to decide what is best for them, why would the government step in? Worse, why would the government allow some elites to dictate what is best for the masses?

As long as people smoking weed or using marijuana products don't harm others, they need to have the right to do what they want. The good thing is that the steps for legalisation are moving in the right direction. Over time, more people have seen the value of legalising weed, and several laws have started to loosen the restrictions on marijuana possession and sale for medical reasons.

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