Incontinence Activewear for Those Who Exercise

Urinary incontinence can end up having a big impact on how people live their day-to-day life - if they do nothing about it. A minor nuisance can turn into something major if it means the individual fears even going to the local shop for groceries in case any kind of incontinence occurs during the shopping outing. There are remedies to this - adult diapers can give independence back to such people.

However, what about those who exercise? They will need something a lot less bulky than a diaper if they're cycling or running or engaging in any kind of physical activity. This is where incontinence activewear can help. This is essentially sportswear made from high-performance cloth fabrics instead of cotton - that offer protection from episodes of light incontinence.

Let's look at some benefits of using incontinence activewear over using disposable solutions:-
  • incontinence activewear is "stealthy" in that it looks like regular sportswear, so there's no need to feel self-conscious for wearing what ostensibly is just regular-looking sportswear.
  • since incontinence activewear is built-in, it's a lot more comfortable than placing a disposable solution inside that can chafe and move around.
  • in general, disposable solutions which are often a real hassle to use, costly, and not a very "green" solution at all.
It should be noted that incontinence activewear is suitable for those who do NOT suffer from frequent or heavy leaks...if you do have such incontinence issues, you'll need to seek other alternatives.

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