Inclusive Beauty: Breaking Traditional Beauty Standards

Beauty Standards: A History of Boredom

Beauty standards have been around since the first ancestor of humankind looked at another and thought, "She's hot. I want to mate with her."

But if we fast-forward through millennia of beauty standards - from Ancient Egypt's Cleopatra to the 1960s" Twiggy - we find a common theme: boredom. I mean, how many times can we be told to desire the same basic features? Smooth skin, symmetrical faces, and a waist-to-hip ratio that would cause a Pythagorean mathematician to weep for joy. Yawn. Let's mix it up, shall we?

Enter the Inclusive Beauty Movement

Finally, like a knight in shining armor, the inclusive beauty movement arrived on the scene to save us all from a dull and monotonous existence. What is inclusive beauty, you ask? It's the concept that everyone - regardless of size, shape, color, or even species (I hear manatees are quite fetching, in their own way) - deserves to feel beautiful and be represented in the world of fashion, media, and cosmetics. It's the idea that the more diverse our concepts of beauty, the richer and more interesting our lives become.

Breaking Free of the Traditional Beauty Mold

So, how do we go about breaking free from the tyranny of traditional beauty standards? Here are some practical steps to help guide you on your journey:
  • Embrace Your Inner Flawsome: Flawsome is the combination of "flaws" and "awesome," and it's a term we should all become intimately acquainted with. Everyone has imperfections, and those imperfections are what make us unique, interesting, and, well, human. So, rather than trying to cover up every little blemish or wrinkle, let's celebrate them and wear them with pride. Plus, who has the time to apply 17 different creams and potions every night?

  • Seek Out Diverse Beauty Influences: Your social media feed should look like a veritable Noah's Ark of beauty inspiration. Follow influencers who represent a wide range of sizes, shapes, colors, and styles, and allow their creativity to inspire you. Who knows - you might even find that you have a previously undiscovered love for neon-green eyeshadow and feathered fauxhawks.

  • Vote With Your Wallet: As much as we'd like to believe that fashion and beauty companies are run by altruistic angels who just want everyone to feel beautiful, the reality is that they're businesses - and businesses respond to one thing: money. So, when you're making your next beauty purchase, consider supporting a brand that actively promotes inclusivity and diversity. Show them that there's a market for products that cater to all customer's needs, not just the chosen few.

  • Take a Stand: Sometimes, the most powerful thing you can do is stand up and say, "Enough is enough." If you see a brand or a publication promoting a narrow, exclusive definition of beauty, call them out. Write a letter, send a tweet or, if you're feeling particularly ambitious, stage an interpretative dance routine outside their headquarters. You might just spark a conversation that leads to real change.

The Future is Bright (and Diverse, and Fabulous)

As we continue to move towards a more inclusive beauty landscape, it's important to remember that change doesn't happen overnight. It takes time, effort, and a healthy dose of persistence to challenge the status quo and reshape society's definition of what it means to be beautiful.

But if we can all commit to these steps - embracing our flaws, seeking out diverse influences, voting with our wallets, and taking a stand - we can create a world where everyone, regardless of their size, shape, color, or species, is celebrated for their unique beauty.

And hey, if we can make manatees the next big beauty trend, we'll know we've truly succeeded.

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