How To Find A Nail Salon You Can Trust

There's no limit of nail salons in the UK, but often choice can be a block to action. How can you filter out the salons you can trust from the ones you can't?

Here are a few things that you should look for while visiting a nail salon.

You will not often notice a place when it's clean, but you will notice it if it's dirty. Your nail technician is going to deal with your nails and touch your hands. If the tools are insanitary, then you are at risk of contamination. Pay attention to the details, the smell of a place for example can be a tell-tale sign that things aren't right. There's not much danger in breathing in a small amount, but a strong smelling environment isn't the nicest thing, it all makes a differnece to your comfort, safety and overall health.

Working Environment
A sign of a trustworthy salon is one where the staff are respectable. Look out for how staff members interact with both clients and each other. A trustworthy nail technician will also be more than happy to talk you through any concerns you have about the products, service, their qualifications and level of experience. Don't be afraid to speak up, a good salon will respond, and if it's not good then you'll soon spot the signs.

High-Quality Products
A salon that invests in high quality products says a lot about their standards. When you start seeing brands you don't recognize, take note.

Ask your technician what products they are using, and then do your research. According to the owner of a non-toxic nail salon, AmyLing Lin, many people in the nail industry uses low-quality products to reduce costs.

These products give off harmful chemicals such as formaldehyde, which is not good news to those breathing it in.

Some unscrupulous salons use products that can also cause skin problems. Stick to well known branded products. Harmful substnaces to look out for include: formaldehyde, DBP, and toluene which can create respiration problems and allergic reactions.


People are always training to be nail technicians and sometimes you might come across a trainee at a salon. That can be ok but when staff repeatedly don't know what they're doing then that says a lot about a salon's reputation.

Check out reviews
These days one of the easiest ways to verify any type of business is to go on Google and look at their reviews. Sometimes a perfectly good salon won't have any, and that can be fine, but if you don't want ot leave things to chance then take a few minutes to look for a top rated nail salon. Why settle for anything else? Getting your nails done is an experience, and one that isn't always cheap, so why not get the best experience you can?

Use a pre-vetted directory
Salon finder directories such as The Beauty Book take the work and hassle out of finding a salon you can trust by scouring the country and personally vetting each and every provider for trust and quality of service.