How Mobility Training Can Unlock Your Strength

Improving your range and symmetry of movements through mobility training not only improves your core flexibility but can allow you to get more from your strength training routine. Proper mobility exercises can also reduce the risk of incurring an injury during CrossFit training or when using fitness equipment.

Mobility can be defined as the capacity to move freely without causing any stress in the body. When we're young, we're flexible, and our muscles have a wide range of movement. As we get older, our flexibility and mobility decreases, but this can be reduced by starting a mobility training program early.

Along with this decrease in mobility, many people also develop a preference for one side of their body in everyday tasks and repeated movements. As the body naturally craves symmetry, this can cause an imbalance and results in an overcompensation in the other direction. If you always cross your legs in the same direction or always climb stairs with the same leg first, your body has almost certainly made changes to compensate for this. These changes can decrease normal mobility, make you more prone to injury and increase your chances of developing arthritis and other debilitating and painful conditions in later life.

Starting a functional training program will help you to identify any particular problems and where the greatest fitness gains lie. Correctly targeted exercises which simulate common movements regularly used in your daily life will help you to improve your coordination, balance, strength, core stability and mobility. A mobility training program can be started at any time of life, and everyone can get huge health benefits, both physical and mental.

Many people get some gym or start a strength training program with the intention of gaining muscle. While this is great motivation, many people become discouraged when they seem to reach a plateau in their progress or when they find themselves plagued with injuries, aches and pains.These problems are very frequently due to decreased mobility and a lack of symmetry which prevent the body from developing to its true potential.

Kettlebells are an excellent exercise option for increasing ranges of movements and improving body symmetry. Always seek professional instruction in the correct way to perform any kind of exercise or how to use gym equipment, and follow an expert's advice as to what exercises to follow to improve your personal mobility issues.

As part of a CrossFit workout routine, these core movements are finely tuned into a training method which incorporates the best aspects of weightlifting, running, rowing, gymnastics, and more, in an intense routine designed to maximise health and fitness. Increasing your mobility will permit you to use the correctly, and so obtain impressive results.

Incorporating mobility increasing exercises into your warm-up routine, or using them within your training program as periods of active rest can really enhance your performance. Little by little your joints will feel less stiff, your ligaments will stretch, and you will enjoy a wider range of movements which will allow you to unleash your true strength to lift more weight, to do more repeats and to gain more muscle.

A healthy workout routine should not only be about building muscle, it should incorporate a healthy diet and a healthy attitude. Like all things in life balance is the key. Combine your exercise routine with

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