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Being in a healthy mental state can improve your quality of life and your day-to-day experience with others. Did you know that having a solid grasp on your emotions can also lead to profitable bets? Individuals that are easily swayed by strong personal emotions are more prone to making avoidable mistakes that can end up costing them their wager. To make consistently healthy sports bets, you need to understand the common pitfalls that many bettors find themselves in.

Detach From Your Emotions

Personal feelings and emotional reasoning have no room in the world of sports betting. Sports betting should be a business transaction for you and you shouldn't think twice about betting against one of your favorite teams if the odds are in your favor.

In general, holding grudges can be incredibly unhealthy for you, as it harms yourself more than the person the grudge is directed towards. The same can be said for sports betting: you should have a short memory when it comes to mistakes. You shouldn't be betting with more money than you have or are willing to lose; if you are overly emotional after a loss, you should rethink your money management strategy.

Don't Be Impulsive

Studies have shown that people experiencing severe mood swings tend to make irrational or illogical decisions. Chronically depressed individuals can sometimes make irreversibly bad decisions regarding their life. With that being said, the same can be said about individuals in an exciting and competitive environment.

Take this scenario: you've been drinking with your buddies at a loud, packed sports bar for hours. You've just won a sizeable bet and decide to order the next round of drinks. After much illogical reasoning due to alcohol and your buddies egging you on, you decide to go all in on a second bet, despite a nagging voice in the back of your head. You end up losing the money.

Alcohol, drugs, and extreme emotional swings (be it positive or negative) can influence your decision-making process for the worse. Try to be in a neutral environment with a stable mood before you start throwing money around.

The value of patience and the ability to delay emotional gratification are often understated in the world of betting. These two strategies can help you avoid a few of the common cognitive biases that many bettors experience.

Cognitive Biases in Bettors

There are a few psychological traps that many bettors can fall into if they are not careful. Understanding your emotions and not caving into anxiety can prove to be a very profitable strategy. Listed below are three of the most common examples:

  • Gambler's Fallacy - sometimes a gambler (or bettor) will start to base their decisions on a pattern of information, even if it doesn't make sense to bet money based on this data. Just because a team has lost four games in a row does not mean that the team is going to lose the fifth. Be careful about basing your decisions on relatively new patterns.
  • Confirmation Bias - humans have a tendency to seek out evidence that will support their stance while ignoring credible evidence to the contrary. Changing your opinion about a bet, when done smartly, can save you thousands.
  • Sunk Cost Fallacy - a sunk cost is simply a cost that cannot be recouped. This could be anything from a failed advertising campaign to a bad bet. What happens is that a bettor may continue to dump money into a series of related bets despite a low probability of winning, specifically because they are stubbornly trying to recoup their sunk cost.

Be Smart about Your Sports Betting

Wishful thinking and emotional reasoning shouldn't be in your sports betting playbook. When making your sports bets, having a solid grasp on your emotional and mental health can leave you with some extra spending money. Not being aware of the cognitive biases that we are all susceptible to can prove to do the opposite.

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