Guide to No-makeup: What to Pay Attention to?

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You may be wondering what is the point of no-makeup if you could just simply wear none. The truth is, however, that every face will look slightly better with no-makeup than without it. What cosmetics to use, and how?

Looking through the models" pictures, you may assume they were no makeup at all - however, most of the time, it is just an illusion. On agency Polaroids, they, in fact, have to be shot saute.

Nevertheless, in campaigns or on the catwalk, or simply on journal photos, they usually wear very light makeup - hardly even noticeable. And they look stunning most of the time!

You don't have to be a model to look amazing - it is enough that you pay attention to the advantages of your face and smoothly accenting them. Many models and stars say that the best advice they were ever given is to pay importance to their natural strengths instead of trying to artificially create ones. Even though it seems like something obvious to do, many of - sometimes unconsciously - exaggerate with makeup to make our lips look bigger or change the shape of the eyes by using a particular eyeliner style. What about trying no-makeup and focusing on your natural advantages?

Let's go together through all the parts of no-makeup preparation. We'll point out what to pay attention to, what cosmetics to choose, and what mistakes not to make! Ready to start with your no-makeup look?

Impeccable skin - the first rule of no-makeup
When there are no strong accents in the makeup, your skin draws more attention - that's why it should be taken care of with the use of well-adjusted cosmetics. It doesn't mean, however, that to look good in no-makeup, your complexion has to be flawless - there are ways to hide the imperfections in an almost invisible way.

First rule: Put thin layers of foundation or use BB/CC cream. If your skin is problematic, it may need more intense coverage. However, avoid putting more layers in order to cover the imperfections. Instead, try to find a foundation or CC cream with a high level of coverage. It's good to choose the cosmetics that reflect the light due to the concentration of mineral components - it makes the skin look smoother.

If you have freckles, expose them. The same goes for a natural blush.

The second rule: let your skin shine! The times of matte are long gone, and natural glow is more than welcome. If you are not planning some photo session or visit on TV, avoid using a lot of transparent powder and matte foundations. It is even recommended adding some glow. You can use a... lip gloss. Barely anyone uses it according to its purpose - nowadays, it looks better applied on the eyelids or at the top of your cheekbones. That applies, especially to no-makeup.

Eyebrows and eyelids in no-makeup
You already took care of your skin? Now it's time for subtle underlining of the advantages you already have. Using a natural tone of eyeshadow is definitely allowed in no-makeup. It may be gold or light brown, depending on the color of your eyes. Beware of putting too much - it may make you look tired. You may also use a brown liner in crayon to slightly improve the shape of your eyes.

Instead of professional mascara that makes the eyelashes look dense, long, and curved, underline them naturally with an eyelash curler. You don't need strong accents on your eyelids and eyelashes, especially if you have dark eyes.

Then it's time for eyebrows. Avoid contouring them - the effect will be far from natural, especially if the whole makeup is in a "naked" style. The eyebrows in no-makeup shouldn't draw much attention but should be in good shape. The most important part is to regulate them often and brush them with gel.

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