Four Tools More Effective Than Your Teeth

The study of humanity creating and using tools to accomplish tasks offers an amazing look into the natural ingenuity instilled deep within each man and woman. What is even more astonishing are the breathtaking creations of the last several decades, whose incredible advancements often leave us in awe.

Due to this, it is odd to see humankind in this day in age disregarding centuries of efficient tools and reverting to a more carnal way of accomplishing things. Occasionally, one might see a human using the sharpest part of the body and gnawing at an item to reach an end goal.

Medical professionals suggest oral health goes hand in hand with overall health, and keeping teeth healthy and strong is just one way to reach optimal health. Using your teeth as a tool could cause them incredible harm and pain.

Just as humanity has accomplished much in the past using tools, here are four tools more effective than your teeth that should be utilized instead of those pearly whites.

1. Scissors

Many have opened a bag of chips with the help of their sharp teeth. Have you ever latched onto a clothing tag and ripped it off with your teeth? What most people do not realize is the adverse effects these actions can have on their teeth. One tool that can accomplish the same goal without injuring your teeth is a pair of scissors. This simple tool can quickly cut through plastic bags and tags with little to no effort on your part, and it might save you a trip to the dentist.

2. Nail Clippers

Not only is biting and chewing your nails gross, but it is extremely unhealthy for you and your teeth. Your hands are covered in germs and bacteria that accumulate as you go throughout your day. When you bite your nails, you are adding unnecessary stress to your teeth, which could result in a chipped or broken tooth. Nail clippers, which can be found at many retail locations across the country, can be used to protect your teeth. Once you start clipping your nails with nail clippers, you can begin to save your teeth for food.

3. Bottle Opener

It might be your most impressive party trick, but using your teeth to open bottles of any kind, is a very dangerous and somewhat irresponsible activity. This also goes for twist off caps on items like nail polish and eye drop containers. Instead of using your teeth, get a bottle opener. You might lose a party trick; however, each bottle opened with this tool extends your teeth's health exponentially.

4. Nut Cracker

You might feel like a macho man or woman when you crack open the shell of your favorite nut, but you feel very macho when your teeth ache. Mother Nature knew what she was doing when she covered these tasty treats in hardened shells of protection. Fortunately for you, humankind developed the nutcracker to ease the strain on your teeth. Don't be the foolish one thinking your teeth are strong enough to defeat the nutshell. In a nutshell, it is important to make the smart decision and use this tool and save your macho-ness for something far more impressive!

Break the habit

Using your teeth as tools is a common practice; however, the damage it may cause your teeth can be severe. Using your teeth will often end with you in the dentist's chair or with a worse medical problem.

If your teeth are already damaged, you might consider visiting a prosthodontist to help restore your teeth.
A prosthodontist is a dental professional who specializes in the replacement and restoration of teeth. In addition to the required schooling to become a dentist, a prosthodontist is required to receive an additional three years of training from an American Dental Association (ADA) certified institution.

It is not too late to break the habit and protect your teeth. Teeth are not scissors, nail clippers, bottle openers or nutcrackers, so don't use them as such. You might not be the type of person who follows trends, fads or lifestyles, but be the type of person who utilizes the tools designed to effectively and efficiently accomplish what your teeth should not.

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