Evaluate Your Relationship with Your Kids Before Getting Angry with Them

Before you feel frustrated that your kids don't listen to you, and they insist on what they want, you need to understand first that their actions are a result of their relationship with you. It's possible that they don't listen to you or follow your rules because they don't see you as an authority figure. For instance, if you tell them to stop using their phones, they might ignore you or tell you to shut up.

As a parent, it feels bad to hear your kids acting this way. However, you also need to think about how you are with them as a parent and what you can do to change the dynamics.

How much time do you spend with them?

When you're always at work, and you don't spend enough time with your kids at home, they won't see you as someone who deserves respect. You might even be like a stranger telling them what to do. It's crucial for you to consider if you give them enough attention when they need it. They need to see you as a loving and guiding parent as opposed to someone who only scolds them or dictates what they need to do.

Do you play with your kids?

You might think that playing with your kids is irrelevant, but it's crucial. When you spend time playing with your kids, they will forget other things because they would rather be with you. Before you get angry with them for playing video games all the time, you need to evaluate if you spend enough time playing with them and doing other things. If not, you can't blame your kids for finding other ways to entertain themselves.

What rules do you set?

You need to set rules for your kids to follow, and you need to see things through. Empty threats are meaningless to them. If you told them that they will suffer the consequences, but you end up not doing it, they won't listen to you next time. Even if you get angry at them, they won't care. Be reasonable when setting rules too and allow them to get involved in the creation of these rules. When they violate them, you can tell your kids that you didn't set the rules alone, they did it with you.

You need to change now
Don't wait until it's too late before doing something about your kids" disobedience. If they don't listen to you now while they're still young, you can only imagine how worse it could get once they become teenagers. Even regarding the most consequential issues, they will ignore your advice.

You also need to show your kids that you care. For instance, if you tell them to limit the use of their phone, it's not only about setting rules. You understand the detrimental effects of overusing phones, so you decided to create some rules. You can also buy EMF protection jewellery for them to emphasise that the primary goal is their safety.

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