Create an Image With Long Hair

If you have long dreamed of luxurious long hair, then I will certainly help you with this. Even if, by nature, you have thin hairs that do not want to grow to the desired length in any way, the problem can always be solved using the build-up method.

Hair building is a procedure that many girls have already addressed. As a result, you get chic long locks, looking very natural. They are silky, soft, flowing, shiny.

There are two main methods of building up - hot and cold. Of course, hot in many respects is better. Firstly, the effect persists for a very long time: one correction is required once every few months. Secondly, capsules can be made almost invisible: this approach makes it possible to make any hairstyles. Thirdly, the species remains as natural as possible.

For those who need a short-term effect, a cold technique will be suitable. Donor strands will be attached to the native with a special adhesive tape. It is better to avoid tails, pigtails and not collect hair at all, since ribbons or beads will be noticeable. Both techniques apply carefully to your natural hairs.

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