Can Practising Tantra Help Reduce Stress?

As Tantra has made its way into the mainstream, many people have become aware of the erotic and sexual benefits of the practice that some indulge in. Granted, this is part of Tantra, but the ancient spiritual science is actually more complex than some first assume and can benefit different areas of an individual's life.

Many don't realise that different kinds of meditation and yoga are part of the Tantra family. Different can have a profound impact on our lives and the physical and emotional aspects that affect our day to day happenings. Tantra can be a way of alleviating one of life's biggest hurdles, stress.

How to Recognise Stress

A staggering six out 10 people working in countries with a major global economy experience stress in the workplace daily. 442,000 in the UK alone believe they are suffering from stress that is making them ill.

Whether triggered by work, relationships or trauma, negative stress can be overwhelming and lead to a decline in our emotional, physical and spiritual well-being. A lot of people don't realise it but symptoms such as weight fluctuations, sleeplessness, lack of energy, impulsive behaviour and loss of concentration can all be signs of stress. More often than not these sadly culminate in immune system deterioration, panic attacks and depression.

Stress and the Brain

When we are impacted by stress, the physical culmination translates across to the amygdala. Deep inside your brain's medial temporal lobe is an almond-shaped group of nuclei, this is the amygalda and is found on the side of your brain which deals with emotion. When you are stressed, the amygalda goes into turbo mode and over rides the neo cortex, the logical side of our brain.

On red alert, the amygalda tells our body there is a threat and this kick starts the body's coping mechanism, the flight or fight response. In turn, this release stress hormones from our adrenal glands.

Meditation for Stress Management

To overcome your body's natural instinct, research over the years has revealed that meditation and yoga can help with stress management and an abundance of other common ailments and issues.

People who practice meditation and have experienced better focus, lower blood pressure, increased creativity, reduced anxiety, improved relationships and fewer doctors" visits. Those who were also addicted to alcohol, drugs and cigarettes also champion the practice for their ability to quit.

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