Breast Implant CCs: Understanding the Basics

Choosing your implant size is one of the many decisions you will need to make during the breast augmentation process but this isn't a decision that should stress you out.

By understanding the basics of breast implant sizes and knowing what factors to consider, you can easily choose an implant that's just right for you.

The main factors that you will need to consider are:
  • Your height
  • The width of your chest
  • The breast shape and size that you would ideally like to have
What to Keep in Mind
Many patients are very focused on a specific size when they first consult with their surgeon, with most being quite apprehensive to consider other options.

As a woman, you probably know how trying on different bra brands can actually mean having to purchase 3 entirely different sizes. The bra that you end up choosing is the one that feels most comfortable - this is the same approach that you should take during your breast augmentation consultation.

If you want the best results, you should go into your consultation at a reputable plastic surgery clinic such as a breast augmentation clinic with an open mind. Your surgeon is going to encourage you to try out different sizes so that you can find one that makes you feel the most comfortable.

Reputable surgeons make a point of listening to your feedback and gauging your reactions during your consultation so that they can help you choose the best implants based on your body shape and preferences.

When your surgeon takes you through your implant options, he will be referring to CC's, which is what your implant volumes are measured in.

Breast Implant CC's Explained
Also known as cubic centimetres, 1cc of silicon is the equivalent of 1 gram. The higher the CC's of an implant, the larger the implant is. Breast implants can be anything from 80 cc's to 800 cc's, with the implant size going up every 125 to 175cc.

So, how do you test which volume will be right for you? If you don't want to wait until your consultation with a surgeon, you can always perform a test right at home to get a general idea.

Start by putting on a sports bra that fits your chest size but has your desired cup size. So, if you want to be a 34C, find a sports bra with that cup size.

Next, get a few sandwich bags or socks that you can fill up with different volumes of rice. 28 grams of rice is the equivalent of 30cc - be sure to squeeze any air out of the sandwich bags but don't pack the rice too tightly either.

You can now place the bags in the sports bra to see how the weight of each bag feels to you. If you want a range of sizes to try, go for the following:
  • 225cc
  • 250cc
  • 275cc
  • 300cc
Even though this basic home test will give you a good idea of what to expect, it's always a better idea to consult with a professional surgeon.

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