Benefits of Floating Massage

One of the best ways to address what ails you is a floating massage, plain and simple. The list of ailments that is can help relieve is extensive. However, the benefits go beyond relief of muscles and relaxation. Floating massage can also give mental benefits that will increase your concentration and your creativity. You may discover things about yourself that you were not aware. So, if you are willing to really relax and are comfortable in the water, than a floating massage can be a life changing experience.

How does a floating massage have such strong abilities? Being in the water lets the body balance in a way that cannot be done on dry land. Gravity will no longer be an enemy as you float. Your heart rate will slow down and, as stress leaves your body, so will the chemicals that stress creates, such as excessive cortisol.

The Effects of Therapy
Floating also has a great effect on the relaxed mind. How does this work. Think of the relaxed state you are in right before you go to sleep. Think of how your mind wanders and the imagination races. (This is why painter Salvador Dali used to take mini-naps). Floating gives you that same sensation. Your mind will go to places it does not get the opportunity to go to as endorphins begin to release. This will give you a natural high and the creativity starts to grow.

Massages are not just for the pampered few. Doctors have recommend them for what they do for a bodies neurological and circulatory systems, not to mention the muscular and skeletal systems. Athletes also use floatation therapy going all the way back to the Dallas Cowboys in the 1970's and their sensory deprivation tanks. One will get physical relief that is not found elsewhere.

The effect that one feels is homeostasis. Homeostasis is the natural tendency of a cell organism to stabilize itself to its normal state. Think of how the human body naturally goes to a 98.6 temperatures. So we sweat on a summer days and shake when we are chilly. However, it is not just body temperature that needs to be regulated. Different organs fall out of kilter. To get them back to their natural equilibrium, a floating massage is a great way.

How Does Floating Massage Work?
So how does one get the benefits of a floating massage? Well think of the benefits that people have gotten from floating in Israel's Dead Sea or in Utah's Great Salt Lake. It is a combination of the lack of pull on the body and the salt water. If you use a floating tub, it works in much the same way. The tub is set at skin temperature and filled with a sufficient amount of Epsom salts. The soothing effect will change your life.

Depending on the facility that you go to, you can have an open tub or full deprivation experience. Like a Japanese bath house, you will take a shower to clean off. Next you will get into the tub and start the relaxation. If it is a sensory tub, the tank will be covered. Soothing music will give the full effect of relaxation. Your body will begin to float. As it floats, you will feel the sensation of stress leaving you and you will feel comfortable in the tub.

If you take it to the next level, you can go for sensory deprivation tank. This is commitment at a different level, however, if you are up to it, it really can have an effect on your mental state. You will be put in a soundproof tank and complete darkness. If the mind is depraved of the constant barrage to the senses, it will clear and stimulate itself with imagination and creativity. An hour of this can remove stress and bring you to a level of activity.

A Multitude of Advantages
Whether it is sensitivity deprivation or floating in an open tub, there are a whole host of benefits including:
  • Relief of stress and complete relaxation
  • Relief of chronic pain, including arthritis, rheumatism.
  • Relief of pregnancy discomfort
  • Improves the skin condition
  • Endorphin release
  • System detoxification
  • Relief from high blood pressure
  • Skeletal relief
  • Stomach issues
  • Mental improvement including:
  • Improvement in brain activity including creativity and imagination
  • Relief from issues brought on by addiction
  • Relief from depression symptoms
  • Relief from sleeping issues
  • Improvement of concentration
With this kind of relief, it is no wonder that people seek out this kind of relief. The myriad of problems that can tackled by getting a floating massage make it worth the expense and effort and expense. You will feel the difference not only during the session, but also going forward. Regular sessions can make a difference because they not only change you physically but mentally.

This article was written by Nina Wells from Steam Shower She has over 10 years" experience in writing health related topics and specializes in the health benefits of saunas and hydrotherapy.

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