Beauty Made Easy: Involving Turmeric in Your Self Care Regimen

Self care is a trend popping up all over social media, but what does it really mean? Well, it's pretty simple. Self care is pretty straightforward, it is simply the act of taking care of, supplying attention to and loving you and what you entail. It can be practiced in many ways. A bubble bath, playing an instrument you love, reading a book, creating art, poetry or something else beautiful, meditating or praying- basically self care is simply an activity that is enjoyable to you and honors your spirit and physical body. It is about doing something good for you.

The trend has really taken off in the past few years, with sponsoring by the millennial crowd. Millennials seem to be more into self-care than any generation we've ever seen, manifesting its message in activities such as creating Twitter self-care bots, creating diet and exercise plans, utilizing self-care apps, approaching therapy and life-coaching with an unabashed vigor (which is very different than the stoic nature of previous generations, specifically the "silent generation") and more. Why is this?, you may ask. Well, with all the focus on individualization that social media and the internet in general afford, one of the more positive results is that people are finding out more and more about themselves. What makes them happy, what makes them tick, and how best to treat themselves. This awareness of ourselves is a key ingredient in proper self care and self love. So much so that Gracy Obuchowicz, self-care mentor and coach in Washington, D.C., has been quoted saying that (self care) "assumes that we're OK as we are and we just need to take care of ourselves ... Self-care alone is not enough. You need to have self-awareness too. Self-care plus self-awareness equals self-love."

So how can one best achieve this amazing combination of self-care and self-awareness to create the ever-sought after self-love? First, an awareness of yourself is necessary. Reflect on any mental illnesses, neuroses, past traumas, likes, dislikes and more. Get to know yourself through internal reflection or perhaps therapy or life-coaching. Once you know yourself sufficiently, you can engage in the fun part- self care. There are really no rules on what constitutes self care- as long as it makes you healthy and happy, go for it! People are especially getting into bubble baths, face masks, eating right and contributing to personal health by exercising and taking supplements.

This is where turmeric comes into play. Turmeric is a key component in many lovely face masks, can be utilized in baths as a soap, body wash or other beauty product, can be implemented as a part of following a healthy diet (this is especially important as when one does this, they receive the innumerable health benefits provided by curcumin) and is an incredibly great ingredient or active ingredient for a supplement. Supplements are a great expression of self care, looking for the best turmeric look no further than Nutent Therapeutics.

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