Augment Your Cosmetic Treatments With a Healthy Lifestyle

We live in an age where we believe we can pay for "instant results" when it comes to beauty. It's true to an extent. Many people do look instantly better after cosmetic surgery. However, the effects of time are not so instant, yet they are incessant over a longer period of time. There's so much we can do to SLOW the effects of time has on our skin, our face, our body as a whole. This article is going to look at some of the things we can do to RETAIN our beauty, and make the improvements gained from cosmetic procedures last even longer.

A Wholefood Diet
This is such an essential cornerstone of a healthy lifestyle. A healthy, wholefood diet helps your body function better. If your body functions better, guess what? Your skin is going to have a healthy glow and be softer. Your eyes will be brighter, your figure slimmer. Give your body what it needs: micronutrients, vitamins, minerals, natural sugars, fibre, proteins.

Intermittent Fasting
I'd always been put off by fasting. I would think "I don't want to be hungry all day, I need energy because I'm a busy person". Then someone introduced the idea of intermittent fasting to me. The idea is you stop eating roughly 4 hours before you sleep, and you eat roughly 4 hours after you wake up. If you sleep 8 hours, that's a 16 hour fast! I usually manage 15 to 16 hour fasts each day. Why is such fasting good? Well, about 12 hours into a fast, the body enters a state known as autophagy. In this state, the body essentially goes into "repair mode" and cleans up toxins and dead cells.

Exercise helps tone the body and make it work more efficiently. If your body works more efficiently, it can then repair itself much faster especially when you sleep at night.

Good Sleep
A good night's sleep is so restorative. It's very much a time where the body does all the "repair work". Without sleep, your body is in a state of stress. You need take sleep seriously. Go to an hour before you intend to fall asleep. Empty your bladder before sleep so you won't be needing the toilet in the middle of the night. Find a good book to read. You will be tired within 15 to 20 minutes reading. As soon as you find yourself sleepy, turn off ALL lights, and keep your phone charging OUT OF YOUR REACH. You are now in a period of strict darkness until you wake up in the morning. Your mind associates darkness with a time to sleep. Your mind will produce melatonin due to the darkness, helping your fall asleep.

Ensure you develop all of the above as daily habits, and you will find you can maintain your good looks well into advanced years.

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