Are You Getting Genuine One To One Personal Training?

Personal training is enormously popular right across the world and millions pay for receiving it. But truth is: the vast majority don't receive it. Of course they do I hear you say. You have just a client and a trainer, with nobody else present, so the client is the total focus of the trainer's attention. The client is therefore getting ... one to one personal training.

But I have news for you; completely regardless of "only a trainer and a client being present", millions still do not receive ... genuine one to one personal training.

Let me explain why, as it's actually very simple to understand the reason.

Personal training is favoured because of the "me and no-one else" exclusivity of it, and because those who seek it, believe that because only they and the trainer are involved, it will end in a better result for their fitness, strength, flexibility or whatever physical goal they have in mind.

Yes this is perfectly true, and most certainly will be the case: BUT ONLY IF: the training/advice they receive, is precisely and specifically designed to their personal Biomechanics/physiology and nobody else's anywhere.

For this to be possible, the person's body must be properly tested head to foot to establish their complete and personally safe physical ranges of motion, flexibility and strength levels, and all this must be done fully and completely ... before so much as a finger is lifted in any form of exercise or significant physical exertion.

The biomechanical testing procedure concerned, (sometimes called a ROM Test meaning Range of Motion) will take at the very least one hour to perform, after which the person's totally individual and safe physical capability levels are known and their ROM test results, will then enable a safely progressive physical structure to be designed for them and their very personal ... bodily idiosyncrasies.

Then and only then ... is it genuine personal training, because it is personally aligned to that individual's body and all their unique physical highs and lows. It's what the "personal" in personal training truly means, but unfortunately is seldom ever delivered.

Without full and proper testing upon which to base all ongoing exercise prescription and physical recommendations, nothing anyone receives, will be genuinely personal training.

It will only be one-to-one supervised exercise, which is a far cry from genuine personal training. So just remember this clinical fact the next time you drive past a health club sign and see a sign offering "a free personal training session" or "pop in for a personal training session" offer. The cold clinical reality is: it's impossible; because what you'd get is some comparatively random one-to-one supervised exercise. You cannot walk in anywhere and five minutes later, start getting genuine one to one personal training.

Think about the following, as it's certainly not Particle Physics equation to get your head around.

If your uniquely personal capabilities in strength, flexibility and physical ranges are not pre tested; such results not firmly established, so no results then being available to be used as a template to go forward with in all the exercise prescription and physical advice put together for you, then just how ... in very simple logic and common sense ... can any physical activity you perform, be safely personalised to your body's personal strengths, weaknesses and very individual capabilities? What would be "personal" about your personal training?

So do get yourself some genuine personal training which is supremely safe and very effective, but avoid falling into the category of those who pay for it, but get supervised exercise instead. And if the trainer you're considering is unable to fully test all your personal Biomechanics for you before you so much as lift a finger in any actual exercise? Keep looking around.

The old saying "you're unique, just like the next person" makes it crucial to fully realise and take firmly on board, that what's right for one person in exercise and exertion IS NOT necessarily right for another, and can sometimes be clinically and empirically unsafe for another person's body, with this being one of the unfortunate, but unavoidable risk factors present in all mass exercise classes everywhere. Make sure you get genuine personal training, as paying for something you're not getting .. makes no sense at all.

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