A Look at Some Strategies to Help Minimize Anxiety

If you have been dealing with anxiety for quite some time, then you are probably feeling stuck in a rut. However, anxiety is a natural part of the human psyche. Most people face anxiety from time to time in their life, whether it is in a work environment or at home or school. So don't go thinking you are abnormal or inferior (typical feelings of someone who suffers anxiety...due to their anxiety!).

Anxiety is a very common problem in these modern times of Covid-19, job insecurity and not even knowing if the kids will be at school next week or not. Heck, you can't even tune into your favourite sport as that's probably cancelled too!

The thing is - anxiety has been around as long as humans have. It's a part of life, and dealing with anxiety is a part of life too. It's important to really meditate on that previous sentence. The goal is not to deny anxiety is there or run from it. We accept it fully. We embrace it even. There's nothing wrong with anxiety at all. Once we accept it's there (and all the horrible feelings that go with it), we can then go to the next step of dealing with it in a healthy way. So: step 1, accept it's there....step 2, deal with it.

One of the first ways of dealing with anxiety is to get out of your daily sedentary routine and live an active lifestyle. Doing things that you like such as going for a jog, exercising, or watching a movie on TV is a great way to deal with anxiety. Just LIVING LIFE is an important part of dealing with anxiety. Living life is merely a series of doing simple activities. Activity allows for a release of pent up tension and blockages in your body. It allows the energy to move around more freely in your body. It's quite literally an energy decongestant.

Another way is to change the things that you are doing. By doing different tasks, you force your mind to be in the "here and now". You have to engage your mind into performing activities. Sometimes, in times of panic, just making these changes will help you deal with anxiety...by kind of forgetting about it. "I forgot to worry" is a typical phrase that busy people who have anxiety tell me! This isn't to deny it, but to give your mind a break from it.

This may sound odd, but one of the best ways (IMO) to deal with anxiety is to find a positive person to talk to about your anxieties. Talking to a therapist or other people that can help you find a solution to your problems can be a good way to deal with anxiety. It is also important to not be too harsh with people and keep a positive attitude about yourself. If you don't want to go into therapy yourself, try to see a doctor or psychiatrist and see if they can help you deal with anxiety.

Finally, consider supplementing your diet with CBD (cannabidiol) to help increase the feel good factor. It does not make you "high" at all, but helps reduce anxiety in a healthy and sustainable way.

These are just a few ways on how to deal with anxiety. Do research on different ways that suit your lifestyle best for dealing with anxiety.

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