A Look at Healthy Catering

Offices across London are clamouring to show off their healthy credentials. From gym facilities and health screens to eco friendly conferences and schemes, corporate offices in London that have not yet taken a more holistic approach to their staff's welfare are starting to look old fashioned indeed.

Crucial to this new emphasis on health in the workplace - and obviously beyond it - is good quality, sustainable supplies such as catering companies. in Hand is one of those caterers companies worked with dozens of city businesses to introduce new healthy eating standards to office canteens across London. Not only does good nutrition help to keep your employees happy and healthy, it turbocharges productivity as well.

Certain foods contain vitamins and minerals essential for the average office worker - from lutein for eye health to low-fat proteins and carbs. All in Hand aim has consistently been to combine these ingredients with locally sourced when possible to create appealing dishes that actually satisfy, rather than bury, the body's hunger.

In our experience, office workers have grown immensely tired of insufficient nutrition, and frustrated by those midday energy kicks that fizzle out by mid afternoon.

Corporate catering has changed. Whereas in the past 'healthy eating scheme" involved preaching to sometimes unreceptive staff on the importance of good nutrition, staff nowadays demand nothing less. This is great news for forward thinking corporate caterers. Some of one of the most popular dishes at All in Hand are healthy buffet salads packed with all the micro and macronutrients that office workers need to stay on top form.

A case in point: All in Hand walnut and goats cheese salad with Put Lentil. Puy lentils are a great, low cholesterol source of soluble fiber and good protein. They promote weight loss, efficient digestion, and a healthy heart. Lentils are also an excellent way to stabilise blood sugar and keep energy levels constant. Meanwhile, a generous serving of walnuts provides omega-3 essential fatty acids, antioxidants, and other vital nutrients.

Take a look at All in Hand buffet for more nutritionally balanced dishes and revolutionise your workplace today.

Article kindly provided by allinhandcatering.co.uk

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