A Look at Effective Health Care

Grown hair needs very careful care: only in this case will they delight you with its chic appearance for several months before correction.

The very first step is proper washing. Keep your head upright, do not lower it down so as not to provoke the loss of donor strands. The water should be moderately warm and by no means hot, so as not to damage the hair and not burn the skin. It is better to choose an organic shampoo, without parabens and silicones in the composition, preferably with a neutral level of pH 4.5. Balm and masks should not be applied to the roots or places where the capsules are located.

You can't comb wet hair, wait until it dries. You need to sweep them, carefully holding them at the roots: so your native hairs will not fall out with the donors. The basal zone needs to be very carefully, but carefully combed. Abandon plastic or metal combs, the model with natural bristles will best cope with the task.

When you dry your hair, do not direct a stream of hot air very close to the curls so as not to scorch them. Always use thermal protection, choose the means for laying without silicones in the composition.

Article kindly provided by uashophair.com

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