8 Rhinoplasty Myths - Busted for Good!

Rhinoplasty has been aroundfor decades and is changing the lives of people all over the world. Peoplepursue rhinoplasty for a number of different reasons but unfortunately, whenyou begin researching the procedure, you will be met with a lot of falseinformation.

This article aims to clear upsome of the most common myths surrounding rhinoplasty.

Top 8 Rhinoplasty Myths

1. A nose job will be covered by my medical insurance

Unfortunately, unless there issomething functionally wrong with your nose, your insurance will not cover theprocedure. The only time that your insurance may cover a portion of theprocedure is if your nose is hampering your ability to breath.

2. Removing a bump on the nose is very simple

Rhinoplasty may have beenaround for a while but it is still one of the most complicated plasticsurgeries. Your nose is a prominent feature on your face, which means it needsto be in harmony with the rest of your features. Most of the time, it's not assimple as removing a bump because this slight change may cause the rest of yournose to look misshapen. Most surgeons will need to make additional adjustmentsto your nose when removing a bump.

3. The right surgeon can make my nose look like my favourite celebrity‚?Tsnose

If you're consideringrhinoplasty, you need to have realistic expectations. Every person's face isdifferent and what looks good on your favourite celebrity won't necessarilylook good on you. Your plastic surgeon will always take your face's shape, yourethnicity and your other features into consideration before helping you decideon an ideal nose shape. You can find out more about the rhinoplasty processhere: 4. Nose jobs always look very obvious

The only time that a nose jobwill look unnatural is if it's been performed by an inexperienced plasticsurgeon. Inexperienced surgeons will often remove too much cartilage, which notonly results in unnatural results but breathing problems too.

5. Choosing to have rhinoplasty is a vain decision

Very few people who choose tohave a nose job are actually vain. Yes, you do get people who base everythingon their looks but this is very rarely the case. If you choose to haverhinoplasty, it's because you‚?Tre choosing to have a more balanced face.

6. Any plastic surgeon can complete my nose job

You wouldn't choose a generalcontractor to fix something specific and complex in your house so why would youchoose just any surgeon to perform a complicated procedure such as rhinoplasty?If you want to achieve the best results and reduce the chances of needingrevision surgery, always choose a qualified and experienced surgeon thatspecialises in rhinoplasty.

7. I will need a second procedure

The chances that you willrequire revision surgery is very slim and rhinoplasty is almost always aone-time procedure. The complexity of your procedure, as well as your specificanatomy, will play a role in whether a second procedure will be required. Inthe case that a second procedure is required, it will more than likely be tocorrect something very small such as a bump.

8. I will learn to love my nose

If you aren't happy with thesize and shape of your nose now, chances are you won't simply get used to itlater on. If your nose has been bugging you for quite some time, it's best tospeak to a surgeon about rhinoplasty.

Article kindly provided by academyfaceandbody.com

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