6 Recovery Tips for Tummy Tuck Patients

There's no real way to determine exactly what you'll experience during your tummy tuck recovery until you go through it.

The tummy tuck recovery process will be slightly different for every patient and will also depend on the type of tummy tuck that was performed.

A Brief Overview of the Recovery Process
In most cases, muscle or abdominal wall tightening is a part of the surgery, which is what causes the most discomfort during recovery.

The average tummy tuck patient will take around two weeks off work, however, some patients may require less while others require a slightly longer recovery period.

Following your surgery, your stomach area is going to be swollen and it will feel tight too, which means you won't be able to stand upright for a while. Pain medication can be used to treat any discomfort that you might be feeling during this time.

During your first week, you will be encouraged to get as much rest as possible and to keep any form of lifting to a minimum. By the second week, you will be able to start walking around again, which will help with your recovery.

In terms of getting back to your usual workout routines, it's best to wait at least 6 - 8 weeks but you will still need to avoid exercises that involve crunches or any other abdominal-related exercises.

Dr Perron is the best abdominoplasty clinic in Brisbane and will be able to guide you through the recovery process, ensuring you are only taking on activities that you are ready for.

With this being said, it's always best to follow the advice of your surgeon who will be able to give you the go ahead on exercise.

Physical vs. Mental Recovery
One thing that many tummy tuck patients don't realise is that there is an emotional part to your recovery too. Most patients focus on and prepare for the physical side of the recovery process but don't always consider what it will be like emotionally.

Mood swings are not uncommon during the recovery process so this is something that you should prepare yourself for. It's also helpful to make your loved ones aware of the possibility of mood swings so that they can provide you with the necessary support.

Top 6 Tummy Tuck Recovery Tips

1. Exercise patience during your recovery process. You may only feel like yourself again after a few months.

2. Having a strong support system makes all the difference to your recovery process.

3. Let others take care of you and allow yourself to rest and relax. The more rest you get, the better your recovery process will be.

4. Have some distractions such as movies and books ready to go once you get home.

5. Stay in touch with your surgeon and always voice your concerns about anything you might be worried about during your recovery.

6. If you start to feel sad or frustrated, turn your mind to the outcome you had in mind and what that will mean for your life and self-esteem.

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