5 Benefits of Manual Handling Training for Employees

Safe manual handling is important across many industries to prevent injury. Many assume that manual handling training is only for nurses or carers but this is not the case. It is available to employees of any industry regarding safe working postures and safe execution of all manual tasks. This could be how best to operate standing machinery, the safest way to pull a pallet jack, or how to prevent back injury at a desk job.

Manual handling training should be a regular occurrence for members of staff in a variety of different workplaces and roles as it can:
  • Improve work skills
  • Improve productivity
  • Help identify unsafe workers
  • Help identify employees at risk of injury
  • Help identity risks in the work place
  • Give staff confidence in their tasks
There are countless benefits for staff undergoing handling Before we start, are you sitting comfortably? Are your feet flat to the floor?

Raising Awareness
Many employees simply aren't aware that there are physical risks involved with their job. Those that have this mindset often occur injuries through lack of training. handling courses for highlights potential dangers and helps staff understand the importunate of good practice.

Best Practice
Manual handling training doesn't just point out the bad, it helps to rectify it by showing best practice. Employees will be taught the correct ways of doing things and how to be safe in the future within their work.

Teaching in the Work Place
Many companies who offer manual handling training can do so in the work place. Learning in an environment where you spend every day allows staff to directly assimilate the best practices into their own working day easily. This is likely to achieve better results and less injuries.

Learning Through Experience
There is no point in doing a sit-down class when it comes to manual handling training. That is like teaching somebody to drive without getting behind the wheel. Getting hands on is imperative for employees so they can physically feel how a task or technique should be properly carried out.

Health Conscious Workforce
The promotion of best practice in the work place equals healthy staff who are free of injury. This means they are more productive, efficient and safe. It can often lead some staff members on to being interested in First Aid courses.

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