3 Unexpected Benefits of Facial Treatments

Facial treatments are beauty relief for your skin that improves common conditions like aging, fine lines or wrinkles, acne, and/or acne scars. Diane Marie, Master Esthetician at Hollywood Beach Salon & Spa in Oxnard, California, shares that facial treatments offer the kind of well-known benefits such as rejuvenated, healthy, and youthful skin. Diane can tell you that healthy skin is advanced through the following common facial steps:
  • (1) Cleanse
  • (2) Exfoliation
  • (3) Oil application
  • (4) Extractions
  • (5) Enzyme peel
  • (6) Rinsing, and
  • (7) The application of a moisturizer or sunblock depending on the time of day.
While facial treatment can contribute to one's overall skin health, there are additional benefits of facial treatments of which many people may be unaware. The following three surprising health benefits have made facials much more popular recently:

Stress Relief
If you think about it, a facial is a modified facial massage. While most know about the therapeutic benefits of a body massage i.e. the relief of stress and a sense of relaxation, which is a result of massage's positive physiological and psychological effects.

Prior to 2008, few researchers were focused on the benefits of facial massage. In 2008 a groundbreaking research study was published in the "Journal of Biomedical Research". The study confirmed that facial massage, like with a facial treatment significantly reduces anxiety and the onset of negative moods. It also was seen to increase sympathetic nervous activity, which in turn provides beneficial effects such as stress reduction and psychological relaxation.

Congestion Reduction
When suffering from sinus or nasal congestion, you may have noticed relief if you applied pressure to the skin surface above the congestion areas. Similarly, when undergoing a facial massage, the muscles relax and the lymph nodes are stimulated to open. This encourages lymphatic flow and the drainage of stagnant fluids. By promoting this drainage, congestive materials are drained, and sinus irritation is alleviated.

Blood Circulation Promotion
As your largest organ, your skin, circulation of blood is extremely important to its health and appearance. If you suffer from poor circulation, it can reveal itself as pale, dull skin, or areas of skin discoloration. Blood carries nourishing compounds such as vitamins, minerals, and oxygen, while also carrying away byproducts and waste from the skin.

While exercise is an excellent way to improve circulation, so is massage. Studies have found that massage therapy in the context of facial treatments can improve blood flow.

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