12 Crazy Facts About Garlic

Garlic, the bane of vampires and a delicious ingredient in many cuisines, is a pungent bulb that is adored by some and hated by others due to its pungent odor. Garlic, for better or worse, holds a solid position in cuisines throughout the globe. But this everyday ingredient is more than just its complex structure and pungent odor!

How well-versed are you in the ways of garlic? In case you wanted to learn something new about garlic, here's a video with all the details you need.

1. The term "superfood" is commonly used to describe garlic. This is due to its high antioxidant content. This implies it has the potential to strengthen your immune system and aid your cells in their battle against free radicals. Garlic is a powerful antioxidant that has been shown to protect the body from a wide range of diseases and injuries, despite its pungent odor.

2. It's also been hypothesized that garlic has powerful antifungal effects. To get rid of athlete's foot, some individuals use garlic water.
No need to fear; you won't be forced to consume it. Many people who suffer from foot fungus benefit by soaking their feet in a solution like this.

3. Some research suggests that garlic may also help maintain a healthy blood pressure level. Its high polysulfide content and otherwise unusual composition make it an excellent tool for maintaining a normal cholesterol level.

4. Garlic has been used as a seasoning for food and cooking since ancient times; it is believed that garlic was often consumed by Ancient Egyptians as early as 3,000 BC. This was due not just to its delicious flavor but also to the important role it plays in medicine. In any case, it's obvious that the bulb has been cultivated for many years by individuals hoping to find a remedy for various illnesses.

5. You might be surprised at just how tall garlic plants can go. Garlic, if allowed to thrive on its own, may grow to a height of four feet.

6. Care should be used when processing garlic around animals. For the simple reason that it contains naturally occurring toxins that are harmful to both cats and dogs. Onions are under the same category.

7. Even while garlic has many positive health effects, its use might leave you with a case of foul breath. Drinking natural lemon juice is frequently enough to counteract the smell, contrary to popular belief that you must first suck a full lemon or consume lemon slices, to eliminate the odor. Go ahead and try it out.

8. While garlic is commonly thought of as a European staple, it really has deep origins in China and is still mostly grown and exported from that country. China supplies as much as 66 percent of the world's garlic, so there's a significant likelihood that the food you eat came from Asia.

9. Garlic is commonly thought to have originated in the East, but its English-sounding name is where its popularity spread. The words gar, for spear and lac, for plant, are thought to have been combined to create this new word. Since garlic has such distinctive leaves, the word for it in other languages literally means "spear plant."

10. Stranger still, garlic has been associated with skin care. This is because their antibacterial and antioxidant capabilities aid in the healing of wounds and even acne. You can get some relief by pressing cloves against your skin, if you can stand the smell.

11. It's best to keep garlic out of the light and away from your other produce because of the distinctive odor it gives out. Unless, of course, you enjoy the flavor of garlic mixed with strawberries.

12. Garlic has several non-culinary uses, including the removal of splinters, the prevention of mosquito bites, and the fortification of nails, among others. Garlic is also used by some as a natural insecticide in their plants. It's reasonable to say that it's useful for a wide variety of purposes, not only as a pleasant condiment for a few hearty dishes.

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