Why I Limit My Bread Intake to Two Slices

I have a very interesting health tip that I would like to share. A lot of diets state that complex carbohydrates such as bread causes weight gain. I find this to be an absolute myth. Sure some breads may cause weight gain such as white bread which has been highly processed. I have found wholegrain bread doesn't cause weight gain. Eating half a loaf is a bit silly. It is important to limit the portion size. Two pieces of bread is the absolute maximum to be had during meal times. With each meal I include lean protein such as chicken or lean beef. I always trim the fat from the meat. I find it curbs my desire to overeat, particularly in the evening. When I decided to go on a diet which omitted carbohydrate I was always hungry and found I was constantly eating. It was pretty miserable. I found that it is vital to start the day of with toast and to stay away from highly refined sugar as they are high GI, which causes a huge rise in blood sugar levels. Thirty minutes later you will most likely be starving. I find organic bread to be the best and is often lower in carbohydrate. I have found that if all refined sugar is omitted from the diet you will notice a huge difference in your weight. Without exercising you will notice weight loss. Previously I had included numerous foods which contained huge amounts of sugar such as ice-cream and sweets. I constantly had excess weight even when I exercised and found it difficult to get rid of as I kept on eating the wrong food. When I stopped eating junk food it was so much easier to lose weight. My body even looked toned. It is incredible how food can have a negative effect on our weight.

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