Water: The Forgotten Health Tip

Water is essential to life. Water is also essential to staying healthy, fit and to even lose weight. Surprised? You shouldn't be. Water is necessary to keep your body moving, everything flowing, and without an adequate amount of water on a daily basis, health problems can be avoided. In my experience, water has helped me eat healthier and stay healthy, and even has helped me in my constant battle with my weight and body concerns.

I try to drink at least four glasses of water in the morning, often before I eat breakfast. I also try to drink water before a meal, because it helps me to eat less food, and really think about what I am eating. Water is helpful as a diet companion, because it has zero calories and you can drink it all day without feeling guilty or bad about yourself. I find that water is the most useful when I am trying very hard to focus on what I am eating on a daily basis. It's easier to feel full after a glass of water and to turn a piece of cake down when you've filled up on your dinner and water.

My goal is to drink a minimum of eight glasses of water a day I usually exceed that amount. I find it less of a challenge than most people, because I don't mind not having a fruity or carbonated beverage with my meals. In fact, I find that drinking water helps me taste everything better and savor all of the flavors of a meal easier. Water is necessary when I work out, as well. It's important to exercise, but just as important is drinking water and staying hydrated. Water is so crucial to life, and especially on a daily basis, and we need to do a better job at remember it and using it every day!

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