The Real Benefits of Running Every Day

This might not be the most interesting tip for healthy living, but it is guaranteed to lead to a better lifestyle. And, it is simple. In order to be healthy, one needs to regularly schedule time to run. I am sure that most people are aware of the healthful benefits of running. It is a cardiovascular exercise, in that it raises your pulse and gets your blood flowing. It also strengthens your muscles, particularly in your legs. And, it is aerobic exercise, because it gets people breathing hard. All of these benefits lead to a more healthy life. Take my life for an example. I spend my days at work, sitting at a computer. I tend to overeat, and I tend to focus more on meat and sweets, instead of fruits and vegetables. Because of my lifestyle, I was at risk of high blood pressure and high cholesterol, and becoming overweight. But, I decided to do something about it, and I started to run. I donít run every day. I only run about three to four times each week, and that is only dependent on the weather. And, running only takes about twenty to thirty minutes in the morning. It was difficult starting out. I found that I was not able to run that far, or for that long of a time. But, after several weeks, I began to notice that I was not as tired, and that my lungs were not as strained. So, I pushed myself further and harder. I donít plan to run marathons, but I do want to do something active to keep my lifestyle healthy. And, while there are many health benefits to running, the best reward is that feeling that one gets when they get back home from a run, and they feel good. It is worth running just to have that sense of accomplishment every morning.

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