The Popularity of In-Home Personal Training

It's a fact that the stars of Hollywood all keep in shape thanks to their personal trainers. With very busy lives and little time to get to the gym, most celebritiies choose to have their personal trainers come to their home. In fact, the popularity of home-visit personal training has grown so rapidly, it is now leaving many of the gyms behind. Throughout the UK many every day people from working mums to busy business people are choosing to follow the example of the stars and get fit with the help of an in-home personal trainer. So why?

Michael Williams - a personal trainer - explains, "for many people in-home personal training has become a real alternative to the gym. More and more personal trainers are also choosing to leave the gym behind and visit clients in their homes. This is because it's proven that most people who choose to exercise feel far more comfortable training in a private setting an environment that is familiar to them. Wall to wall mirrors, loud music and long queues is not everyone's idea of a great place to get in shape. With the private setting of home comes the individual attention that focuses on getting clients" real results."But of course, there is another key reason why in-home personal training has become so popular. "Most people who join a gym have a brief honeymoon period of 3-4 weeks and then they simply lose motivation and stop attending," explains Sarah Mornay, an experienced personal trainer who specialises in at-home personal fitness. "With in-home personal training, there is no option to stop attending, as your personal trainer comes to you. This helps clients maintain discipline and structure even on those days when they may feel a little less motivated. With this, comes results. Fundamentally that is what it's all about, delivering fitness results for our clients."

Unlike fitness sessions in a gym which rely on big and bulky cardio and weights machines, home fitness routines with a personal trainer rely much more on functional fitness, using simple but effective training equipment such as dumbbells, resistance bands, medicine balls, kettlebells, boxing pads, jump ropes and hand weights. Emphasis is placed upon one-to-one instruction, interaction and support, as well as motivation - keeping you going when you need it the most. Most of the fitness equipment that an in-home personal trainer uses can also be purchased affordably, which allows individuals to continue with their fitness program at home, even when their personal trainer is not there. Working out in this way, it quickly becomes clear why the gym has become a much less popular choice over the last decade for those with busy lifestyles.

So if you're keen to get into fitness and need some help staying the course, an in-home personal trainer could well be your answer. Wherever you live, there are numerous options to turn your home into your own gym and have your personal trainer come to you. This way, you can get the body you've always wanted without even leaving your front door.

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