Take a Walk

Basic Fitness

To be any good at their game athletes and sports stars need to be fit. Well, it may come as a surprise to some, but we all need to be fit. We don't, however, need to exercise and train to the same high level as the top tennis players, footballers, or even Formula 1 drivers (even though they spend their competition time sitting down!) Many people today take very little exercise. To some extent this is understandable as we all seem to have less free time.

If you can walk at a brisk pace for about 20-25 minutes and maintain a conversation at the same time, you have a good basic level of fitness for a normal active life. If just the thought of this gets you out of breath, then read on. You can build up to this basic level of fitness gradually. Start by walking at a fast pace for 2 minutes, then walk slowly for 8 minutes, and repeat. Gradually increase the time spent walking fast and decrease the slow walking time. Try to include some slight inclines and hills if possible. This will build your level of fitness and improve your health.

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