Staying on Top of Colds Before They Develop

My biggest health tip is to stay ahead of colds before they can grab hold of you because then your life is on hold for a week or so and you have to curtail your activities without even feeling good enough to do anything fun. What I do is stay alert to how I am feeling. I pretty much know which sneezes and sniffles are normal parts of my life and am aware of when I start to sneeze a bit too much or feel tired or ache a lot.

At the first little sign of illness, I grab the echinacea, the zinc, and the vitamin C. I usually take a multi vitamin and some calcium every day, but when I feel that a cold might be coming on, I take two or three echniacea tablets during the day, about 1500 to 2000 mgs of vitamin C during the day, and one small tablet (about 20 mg) of zinc during the day. I also take it a bit easier and give myself a rest during the day when I can and try to eat a lot healtheir, meaning that I will eat a couple of pieces of fruit for lunch and stir some vegetables into my whole wheat pasta in the evening.

Just following this plan for a day or two means that I very rarely if ever get a full blown cold and so I'm hardly ever feeling so bad that I have to miss work or some fun thing that I have on my schedule. I consider it to be an exercise in awareness akin to meditation to stay on top of my own health without getting obsessive about itso getting to know myself in this way is not just about staying physically fit, although that is certainly a big plus, but is as much about staying mentally fit and aware of what is going on with the body, mind, and spirit connection.

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