Start Your Day With Fruits and Vegetables

Doctors recommend that adults eat at least 5 servings of fruits and vegetables every day. Even though we know this is the right and healthy thing to do it certainly can be rough for most people. Fresh produce can be costly and many people are uncertain when it comes to preparing certain fruits and vegetables. Some adults find fruits and vegetables to be boring, and the sheer volume of five servings (typically consisting of a half-cup of fresh fruit or vegetables, a quarter-cup of dried fruit, a cup of juice or two cups of greens) can be quite overwhelming.

The key to fitting five or more fruit and vegetable servings in your day is to start early. Make sure to include at least one produce serving during your breakfast and the rest of your daily intake should come much more easily. There are a number of fun ways you can enjoy fruit or vegetables in the morning. One of the easiest is to prepare a smoothie. Blend lowfat milk or yogurt with your favorite frozen fruit. For an extra health boost you can even add a handful of spinach... it blends with the fruit so you'll never know it's there, plus you'll have knocked out two produce servings before noon. Another way to enjoy vegetables in the morning is in a delicious omelet. Use eggs, egg whites or egg substitute and fold in your favorite veggies. Some good choices include onions, peppers, tomatoes, broccoli, mushrooms or spinach. Pair the omelet with a glass of fruit juice and again you'll have eaten two produce servings in your breakfast. If you need a quick breakfast solution you can whip up a quick breakfast parfait with fresh fruit, yogurt and granola. You can also mix in some tasty dried or fresh fruit with a packet of instant oatmeal.

For times when you're really in hurry grab-and-go fruits like apples, bananas and oranges are a must. Consuming these fruits and vegetables at breakfast will give you energy and vitality and the rest of your day will be a breeze.

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