Protein in the Morning and How It Can Boost Metabolism

Several studies and nutrition books have revealed that a high-protein breakfast taken within 30 minutes after you wake up can help boost your metabolism. Some nutritionists who support this suggestion state that a breakfast containing 30 grams of protein is an effective metabolism booster. Once your metabolic rate increases, your body will burn more fat faster.

Unfortunately, a lot of people are doing exactly the opposite, which is why they are having problems with their metabolism. The most popular breakfast choices are usually carbohydrate-based, while a large number of dieters also skip breakfast. Both are not ideal.

Eating breakfast is essential because it gets your metabolism up and running. That's why it is not advisable to skip breakfast. But why choose protein?

It is true that carbohydrates are the main sources of energy. But protein is able to provide you with more sustainable energy than carbs can, which is why protein can make you feel fuller for longer. Thus, when you eat protein in the morning, you will feel full and satisfied, and will tend to eat less in your two other meals, lunch and dinner.

At the same time, as your body tries to digest and break down protein, it burns more calories in the process since protein is harder to break down than carbs. Thus, your metabolism increases and you won't feel tempted to add new calories.

Here are some suggestions for a protein-rich breakfast: a high-protein cereal, eggs, sausage, turkey bacon, ">whey protein oatmeal, whole grain bread, protein bars, and milk.

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