Panaceas: the Power of the Peppermint

Have you ever suffered from severe heartburn after over indulging on your favorite meal? Or possibly you have been pregnant and suffered from the dreaded morning sickness? Maybe you have been infected with strep throat or had pain from post nasal drip? For each and every one of these problems there is a man-made medication that you could purchase from any pharmacy. Yes they may help... but what are the ingredients that make up these man made medications? Wouldn't you rather try a remedy that is not only harmless and natural but also a tasty treat?

If you are anything like me you would prefer not in put toxic chemicals into your system, and although the medications are approved by the FDA they are still toxins that can potentially harm your body. Next time you are suffering from, heartburn, sore throat or morning sickness simply consume some peppermint. It can be in the form of tea or peppermint extract, or the hard candy peppermint... which is my personal favorite. Within minutes you will start to feel your heartburn subside. If taking this to remedy a sore throat you will feel relief in just a few seconds!! For morning sickness it will take just a few moments...It is simply amazing! If only everyone knew that they could use such a simple food item to fix so many issues inside your body. No more need to ingest harmful chemicals just to feel better.

Although certain forms of peppermint are better for each symptom, if you are suffering from a sore throat the best remedy would be a hard candy peppermint, which will work as a lozenge of sort. If the issue is morning sickness or heartburn the tea with peppermint would be your best bet because it is warm and soothing and travels quickly to the Esophagus and stomach. Whatever your choice it will be helpful and completely natural.

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