On Why Everyone Should Go Running Everyday

Many people today struggle with health issues. Many of these issues would be resolved if people would exercise more often! Going running is an amazing solution. I go running every morning and I absolutely love it! It helps with so many things. It helps to keep unhealthy weight gain to a minimum by burning calories. It keeps your heart pumping hard and really active.

Heart disease is a very scary cause of death. Running keeps your heart healthy and strong. It can help improve your breathing. Running also gives more energy! It may seem weird that working so hard can make you feel less tired, but it is so true! After I go for a run, I have so much energy and I am ready to do anything with my day. Running can also strengthen your muscles. It helps tasks become easier because your body is physically stronger. I love to garden, and I have longer endurance to be outside pulling weeds or hauling bags of soil because I run so frequently. Running can even help your mental health. People who struggle with depression are encouraged to exercise. It helps to get the chemicals in the brain balanced. It also helps you feel productive and to feel like you have accomplished something.

I believe also helps people to reach their goals. When you are able to do something physically, like run every day, it shows you how strong you really are. Then, when you have goals at work that you want to reach, you feel like you have the strength to do it. Running can even become a lifestyle. It helps you to feel like you can be active and involved. It helps you to know that you can accomplish a lot with dedication and diligence. I absolutely love to run every day!

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