Life extending tips

If you want to prolong your life (and who doesn't?), then here are a few tips. Five actually, in no particular order. Reduce the stress in your life. It's OK in moderation but people who live their lives highly stressed are increasing their risk of heart problems. Stop smoking. If it has any benefits they are vastly outweighed by the known health problems caused by the effects of smoking. The Mediterranean diet is best for your heart according to research. That doesn't mean quitting your job, selling up, and moving to Italy or Spain - nice idea though it is. It does mean eating lots of fruit and vegetables, more fish, and using olive oil for cooking. And a small amount of red wine is permitted.

Sleep. A good night's sleep is very beneficial and will help prolong your life. Try to get about seven to eight hours a night, and take your evening meal at least three hours before you go to bed. And finally - exercise. Research has shown that you can reduce the risk of a coronary by up to 50% by taking regular weekly exercise. Swimming, walking, cycling - just a few of the options open to you.

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