Is the Number on the Scale Really Right?

As with most women, my weight often moves up and down. I would lose a pound and the next day find out I gained two. I have tried so many diets and never understood what exactly I was doing wrong. I soon realized that I would go on diets rather than making an overall lifestyle change. What you do for a few weeks or even months can soon be forgotten when you decide to get off of your diet when you finally reach your ideal weight. You not only gain weight faster but, you are often left feeling disappointed especially after all the hard work you just worked so hard to accomplish.

First off you need to decide what is really important in your life, what you are willing to go without and what you think you can have scarcely. For me, I absolutely love to have ice cream day or night. Unfortunately ice cream is not always as good for you as everyone especially me would like. I decided I would look for healthier ice cream to eat. There are many different brands and some that are specifically made to be healthier than others. As we all know it is quite expensive to make the healthier choices so I often looked in the local newspapers for coupons for the products that I am adding into my life.

After making the necessary accommodations to your everyday diet, it is best to think of ways to stay active. I never had time to go to the gym. So I would walk the dog and go outside and play with my kids. They would be apart of my daily routine every single day. These ideas not only helped me get down to my goal weight but, I have been able to maintain it ever since.

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