Hula Hoop Your Way to a Healthier Life

Hula hooping can be tons of fun and great for your health. Many people think of hula hoops as a childrenís toy, or something outdated, but adult sized hula hoops can be great exercise. Not only are they tons of fun, but they provide a great cardio and abdominal workout, and are good for your back. The workout is low impact, so you donít need to worry about your knees, ankles or other joints. The motion used to hula hoop also requires you to use many muscles in your back which makes it loosen up. So, if other cardio activities cause you pain or discomfort, hula hooping may be a great option for you.

Hula hooping helps to increase the flexibility of your spine, which can help eliminate back problems and discomfort as well as avoid future injury. You can also work other muscle groups such as your legs and arms by hooping on your legs or learning new techniques. The cardio benefits of hula hooping can also help to regulate blood pressure and improve your hearts performance. Also, since hula hooping is fun, it makes exercise less of a chore. Improving your skills and learning new techniques provides entertainment and presents new challenges for hula hoopers.

Hula hoops are also inexpensive when compared to many other fitness choices such as treadmills or joining a health club. Going to the gym may also be inconvenient or simply difficult to motivate yourself to do. Investing in a hula hoop generally only costs between $20-$40, and is more enjoyable than going to the gym. In my own experience as a hooper of a year, it has eliminated my back pain, improved my cardio performance and helps me continue to lose weight. When I first started, I could simply hoop on my waist, but after practicing, I can hoop on my neck, knees, elbows, and do many tricks which help keep hooping enjoyable and challenging. Try one out today!

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