How to Lose Weight Sensibly and Healthily

Americans spend millions each year on expensive diet plans and gym memberships when they could simply follow a few simple steps in maintaining a perfect figure. While most people stress strenuous exercise and a well-planned out diet, this is not necessary. All you need to lose a significant amount of weight is a computer, internet, and the food you already own.

I lost 25 pounds this past year by doing just that. My daily regiment began with 5 minutes of stretching every morning. Then I would go on youtube and find Winsor Pilates 20 minute abdomen and stomach Pilates routine every morning except Friday and Sunday. Other 20 minute Winsor Pilates workouts will do but make sure you feel some burning in your abdominal region. None of these exercises should cause you to be out of breath or cause much sweating. The workout should make you feel refreshed and awake. Drink plenty of water after the routine and eat a cup of yogurt or a whole grain fruit bar for breakfast. You should plan on eating 5 times a day every 3 hours. Make sure the meals are small. Try cutting down everything you normally eat to half that amount and continue your snacks in between. For instance, eat half a tuna sandwich instead of eating a whole tuna sandwich for lunch. 3 hours later eat an apple or a small salad. If you get hungry drink plenty of water. This might be very difficult in the beginning but it gets much easier after a week. If hunger is too much of an issue in the beginning, bring a couple of saltines and eat 2-3 or bring a bag of dried fruit and snack on a couple while at work. After a while your body will grow accustomed to the schedule and you won’t have to cheat with saltines or berries any more. Try to at least find situations in which you can walk around for at least 15 minutes 3-4 times a week. For instance, walk around your house while talking on the cell phone or during lunch breaks or to the store down the street.

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