How a Simple Towel can Help Circulation

Everyone has probably heard about Yoga it's a great way to release stress and to strengthen your core muscles. However, not everyone has to be Yoga enthusiasts to benefit from the following exercise. The following exercise is especially helpful to those who suffer from Anemia, Anxiety, or any general circulation problems. What you will need is a generally open space (so your arms have enough room to be fully extended to your sides) and a large towel. The towel needs to be long enough to be held shoulder-length apart, straight in front of you. Now, you may think it's silly that a towel is involved, but its actually what will help you get through this stretch movement. When you have the space and towel ready, you hold the towel in front of you (tightly) shoulder-width apart. Next, you gently move your arms up (so now your arms are above your head, still strongly holding the towel). This is when you finally realize the reason for your strange exercise companion now you slowly move your arms (as straight as can be) behind your head, towards the back and then towards the floor. Your arms should have rotated completely around your head and now back to your sides, from the behind. I would suggest repeating the movement 2-4 times, slowly doing the movement too fast may lead to the pulling of a muscle, which no one would want! This exercise is great for opening the heart muscle, and increasing circulation. It's also beneficial for getting rid of tense shoulders and arms. Repeating this exercise once a day will refresh and increase blood flow from your heart, chest, arms, and shoulders. When doing it the first couple of times you may experience a sort of tingling sensation in your arms, however, that can be reduced by holding the towel a little farther than shoulder length apart. This exercise can be done as part of your general warm up and/or cool down for exercise routines, or done on it's own as a stretch movement when needed.

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