How Healthy Habits Help You Lose Weight

The problem with many diets or exercise routines is that they are simply unenjoyable and aren't designed to help people form healthy habits. If you want to be healthy, then you need to change your habits. You might reply with "I just want to lose weight". No problem - being healthy will allow you to naturally lose any excess weight, don't worry.

Exercise: Straight from the home
Instead of "hitting the gym" (which means becoming a member), consider walking to the local shops, or cycling around the local area. These are activities you can do straight from your home. No need to wait for the gym to open, or drive anywhere. The easier you have access to something, the easier it is to form a habit out of it. You can walk or cycle almost anywhere. Most people quit the gym because it involves getting in a car, driving, then sharing equipment with a bunch of gym rats who end up making you feel inadequate. And you pay for the privilege for all of this. No wonder so many New Year resolution gym memberships go unused from February onwards! Even if the weather's miserable and you don't feel like riding your bike, wrap up and go for a constitutional walk around your local area - that will get the blood moving and will invigorate you - oh, and help you lose weight.

Enjoy eating healthy food
Most people associate diets with feeling miserable. Many diets tend to be about calorie counting. For me, it's not about counting calories but simply eating delicious, healthy food. What would you rather do? Count calories or learn to cook healthy meals? Most people would surely choose the latter. Nutrition-rich food makes your body work more efficiently - it's what the body wants. Learn to add fresh vegetables and herbs to your meals. Indian and Thai curries are good examples of meals that allow you to have a great tasting meal, packed full of fresh veg and herbs - that's also easy to digest. Don't skip breakfast - eat some fresh fruit instead. Me - I like 2 peeled apples and 2 bananas washed down with a cup of tea (no sugar) every morning. Simple, refreshing, invigorating.

Get into the habit
Moving your body will become a routine for you after you develop the habit of walking (and perhaps cycling) more. You will start to enjoy cooking healthy meals - your body will crave all those fresh fruit and vegetables. Your taste buds will develop and your capacity to enjoy food will become greater. You will sleep better. Oh, and you will lose weight and keep it off!

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