An SGPT Test is Important for a Healthy Liver

Over the years, countless ailments have beset mankind, creating ripples of tension in the minds of the young and old alike. In this scenario, proper care and timely assessment of one's health status is the first requisite for complete wellbeing. But in the hustle bustle of the modern life we hardly find any time to sit and take note of our health, resulting in our high vulnerability to various life threatening diseases. Of all diseases that have plagued mankind, liver ailment has become a serious cause of concern for many. Doctors advise people to undergo routine checkups or an SGPT blood test from time to time in order to steer clear away from any liver related problem. In case someone experiences any problem in their liver, immediate doctor visit is advisable. Depending upon your condition, your doctor will let you know whether you need to go for an SGPT test or not.

An SGPT blood test is a test which is performed to determine the amount of the enzyme called glutamate pyruvate transaminase in blood serum. Though this particular enzyme is secreted in a number of body tissues in meager amounts, it is very concerted in the human liver. When cells that contain this enzyme are ruptured it is secreted into the blood.

Also known as alanine transaminase, glutamate pyruvate transaminase enzyme usually range for adults in most labs is 0 to 35 units per liter. Thought the normal range may differ slightly from lab to lab. The SGPT level of a person may be much higher than normal if the individual has liver damage from an acute viral infection or liver damage caused by medicines consumed. In the case of acute liver damage, the level of SGPT rises noticeably. It is to be noted that the level of SPGT may also be high if an individual has recently performed physical exercise.

SGPT levels may rise higher than normal also if:
  • You have mononucleosis.
  • You have a gallbladder infection.
  • You have gallbladder inflammation.
  • You consume alcohol in large quantity
  • You have chronic liver infection.
  • You are taking certain medicines such as aspirin.
  • You have liver cancer or another cancer that has spread to the liver.
  • You have congested blood flow through the liver due to heart failure.
It should not come as a surprise if you ever experience any of the above mentioned symptoms in your body. In this situation you should contact your doctor at the earliest moment. It can be coupled with other relevant tests including the ALT or SGOT test. These tests are performed to check whether the rise in the level of SGPT is associated to liver damage or to bile duct problems. You should keep this in mind that the liver test for SGPT is almost never performed alone.

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