An Interesting and Easy Breakfast Choice to Maintain Weight

The importance of eating breakfast cannot be overstated. We've heard it for our entire lives, but for most of us, breakfast is a cup of coffee (or six) and nothing else. If you're looking to maintain your current weight, breakfast is a must.

Think of it this way... if you skip breakfast you are effectively starving yourself from the night before until lunch. Your body responds by slowing your metabolism to compensate. Your energy suffers and those calories you take in from lunch and afternoon snacking affect you even more. Not to mention that skipping breakfast makes it more likely that you'll overdo it with lunch and afternoon snacking. The problem is that most people aren't hungry when they wake up, or they're too busy to stop and eat something. So eating something for breakfast is important.

But with that said, not just any breakfast will do. Obviously donuts or fast food breakfast sandwiches won't help you maintain your weight. So what's a good breakfast option? This may seem like an odd choice, but string cheese sticks make for a great breakfast food. One or two sticks in the morning will satisfy your stomach, and keep your metabolism burning until lunch. And the protein and good fats you find in dairy products will keep your energy levels steady. For people who don't feel hungry when they wake up, a cheese stick is a light, easy to eat option. They're also relatively cheap and require no preparation. For most people, the easier a food is to prepare and eat, the more likely they'll choose it in the morning before work. If cheese isn't your thing, or you're lactose-intolerant, there are any number of other foods you can choose from. The important thing is to have an easy, healthy snack on hand to start your morning off right. Granola bars, a handful of trail mix, even low-salt pretzels are all fine choices. Just think of something light, easy to eat, and not too heavy or sweet.

Remember, breakfast doesn't have to be a chore, and it's way too important to skip. If you want to maintain your weight, eating at least breakfast snack is crucial, instead of skipping breakfast altogether.

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