An Average Woman

Whatever you do, don't be in envy of the Barbie doll. She is not a real woman, and if she was she would probably have to walk on all fours. Women in the real world do not look like dolls - or supermodels. There are not many supermodels and when you do see them in magazines they are often airbrushed or computer enhanced to to look perfect. The average woman today is about 5' 5" tall and probably weighs about 10 stones and is a UK size 12-14. Just as men love them.

So ladies there is no need to feel either depressed or guilty after looking through that beauty or fashion magazine. Real women are the ones you see and meet every day. There is, of course, a vast selection of face and beauty products out there on the high street and online to help you look and feel better. Eat sensibly, exercise regularly, and shop wisely when buying beauty products. Get plenty of fresh air - and remember to smile.

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